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Elevating series-making in the Philippines

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The local adaptation of Flower of Evil, which stars Piolo Pascual, Lovi Poe, and Paulo Avelino, already had it from the time it premiered in June. People were raving about the performance of the leads down to the supporting cast for having a good understanding of their characters, and strong writing and direction that make the series coherent and even at par with the original version.

At the finale press conference for the series – attended by Pascual, Avelino, Edu Manzano, JC de Vera, and Poe (via Zoom) – the common feedback received from the members of the entertainment press, including the blogging community, is that the series, albeit a local adaptation, is able to showcase the level of creativity of the local team behind the production. Some even commented that it has surpassed their expectations in making the series very Filipino yet with global appeal.

Lovi Poe as Iris Castillo-del Rosario in ‘Flower of Evil’

“It’s more like making it your own. I was so glad for the guidance of our director. They led us to make it our own version,” Poe, who plays Castillo-del Rosario, shared.

“​​One of the hardest parts of making this show is how to make it as Filipino as possible so it wouldn’t feel like an adaptation,” Avelino, who believes that the series is a good model to show the capability of local production to come up with world-class content, added. 

For Pascual, coming into the show, there was a conscious effort to make the adaptation of the hit Korean series more Filipino.

“There was too much pressure because it’s gonna be an adaptation. There are expectations. There’s gonna be bashing. There’s gonna be judgments from a lot of people. But the best thing about this is knowing the story — how it’s gonna start and how it’s gonna end. So we had a reference. We kinda had a manual as to how to do it differently,” said Pascual. 

From a Viu executive, the only secret to creating a Filipino world-class series is to get the best people to do the job.

“When we embarked on this project, our vision was to elevate Filipino content not just for the local audience but also for the viewers across the globe. And we were able to achieve this by having a director like Darnel and Richard, by having a creative team that’s on top of everything, and by having an exceptional cast,” said Viu PH’s Garlic Garcia. 

“It’s everyone together. It’s really a team effort in bringing this excellent production,” the executive went on. 

Piolo Pascual plays Daniel, who is at risk of getting into trouble because of the blind rage he feels toward Jacob

Plot thickens leading to finale

Daniel (Pascual) and Iris (Poe) are putting their lives on the line for the sake of keeping their family together as they attempt to expose Jacob’s (Avelino) dark secrets in the thrilling last two episodes of Flower of Evil.

The couple is closer than ever in proving Daniel’s innocence and having Jacob arrested after uncovering that Jacob, not Daniel, is the real accomplice of Daniel’s father, the notorious serial killer Abel (Gardo Versoza).

But Daniel may also get into major trouble as well if he pursues his plan on killing Jacob. Daniel has gone berserk and is dead set on killing Jacob after Jacob led him to believe that he had killed Iris, not knowing that she was actually able to survive Jacob’s attack. 

Daniel’s anger towards Jacob’s twisted acts also intensified after he found out that Jacob stabbed Grace (Denise Laurel), Daniel’s only sister, and also murdered Abel.

Now that Daniel has become insane, Iris will have to do her best to convince him that he is not capable of killing so that she can clear Daniel’s name once and for all. 

Paulo Avelino believes the series is an opportunity to show the abilities of local productions

Things will get even more intense when Daniel’s master plan of setting up Jacob turns into a bloody altercation that will leave both of them fighting for their lives as Iris and the police race against time to rescue Daniel. 

Will Daniel and Jacob make it out alive? Will Iris succeed in proving Daniel’s innocence so that they can start anew as a family?

These will be answered as Flower of Evil ends this Saturday (October 8) and Sunday (October 9) at 9:00 p.m. on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, and Jeepney TV. 

Directed by Darnel Villaflor and Richard Arellano, Flower of Evil also stars Joross Gamboa, Joem Bascon, Epy Quizon, Rita Avila, Jett Pangan, Pinky Amador, and Joko Diaz.


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