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Filipino healthcare workers seek better opportunities abroad

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Many Filipino healthcare workers dream of working abroad, and the main reason they aspire for placement overseas is that they want to enjoy better opportunities offered by employers in other countries.

This is based on a survey conducted by—a platform that provides Filipino healthcare professionals around the world with the tools they need to secure a lucrative career abroad. In the survey, 71 percent of Filipino healthcare worker respondents cited “better career opportunities and prospects” as the number one reason they are considering working abroad.

‘Better career opportunities’ is the number one reason healthcare workers want to work overseas.

Meanwhile, 50 percent wanted to earn a higher salary; 29 percent were looking for more opportunities for medical specialization; 24 percent were looking for professional development; 20 percent were to support their family in the Philippines; 17 percent wanted to travel and see the world; 15 percent were looking for personal growth; and 11 percent wanted better quality of life.

The results of the survey are not at all surprising. In the United Kingdom, its National Healthcare System, considered one of the best globally, provides excellent professional development and career opportunities. They work in well-equipped hospitals with modern facilities which expose them to the latest medical equipment and technologies.

Hardworking healthcare workers are assured of promotion in rank, depending on their performance.   This is on top of excellent market-rate salaries, which are well above their expected rate in their home country. 

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Similarly, in the GCC, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates boast of some of the most modern hospitals and clinics in the world. Filipino healthcare workers working in these hospitals are given excellent training opportunities which they can add to their credentials to make them attractive to future employers.

Aside from better career opportunities, Filipino healthcare workers in the KSA and the UAE enjoy numerous benefits such as high salaries, housing and transportation benefits and in some cases, reputable hospitals even offer bonuses upon contract completion and flight tickets annually or bi-annually.

These are some examples of career opportunities that await Filipino healthcare workers who dream of working abroad. works with employers and international job applicants to enhance human resource processes through a fully digital, on-demand primary source verification solution. It removes the friction of repetitive background checks and replaces it with a broadly accepted standard that connects applicants with employers in a secured and trusted environment. is part of the DataFlow Group, a leading global provider of specialised PSV solutions, background screening and immigration compliance services. Headquartered in Dubai, the DataFlow Group has been delivering PSV services to regulators and governments in Asia and Europe since 2006.

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