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No Chinese firms running POGOs, PAGCOR claims

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The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. said Friday there were no Chinese firms in Philippine Offshore Gaming Operations or POGOs.

Victor Padilla, senior manager of PAGCOR’s policy and offshore gaming licensing division, was replying to questions when asked how PAGCOR ensured that Chinese firms in the POGOs were following Philippines laws and paying the proper taxes.

“These are not Chinese corporations. These are offshore companies with local companies in the Philippines,” Padilla said, addressing the question why the Philippines was a safe haven for POGO when gambling is even prohibited in China.

Although most players are Chinese, Padilla said POGOs did not necessarily cater to the Chinese market alone. 

“We are sure that a lot of players are Chinese because we all know that there are a lot of Chinese people all over the world and their culture is they like gambling,” Padilla said.

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“But it does not automatically mean that they are all from China. Players are mostly Chinese, but we are not sure if in fact they are all from China,” he added.

Based on PAGCOR records, there are 58 accredited POGO businesses accredited by PAGCOR. 

These are:

AG Interpacific Resources Limited

BestBetInNet Limited

Cosmic Ace Holdings Ltd.

Defun Global Investments Ltd.

Don Tencess Asian Services Solution Inc.

Dynamic System Limited

Far Eastern Capital Limited

Fortuneport Enterprises Limited

Four Leaf Technology Inc.

Full Strength Trasing Limited

Genx Sports International Limited

Golden Dragon Empire Ltd.

High Zone Capital Investment Group Limited

Imperial Choice Limited

Inner Strong Limited

King Rich International Group Limited

Kingwell International Group Limited

Kirschner Games International Inc.

Leading Reward Limited

Lebo Limited

Marco Polo Enterprises Limited

MG Universal Link Limited

Micro Info Systems Ltd.

Most Success International Group Limited

New Wave Infotech Limited

Newlink Pacific Limited

OG Global Access Limited

Oriental Game Limited

Prestige IOM Limited

Pride Fortune Limited

PT Transpacific Company Limited

Riesling Capital Limited

SA Dreamtech Group International Inc.

Saint Wealth Ltd.

SC World Development Group Limited

Shaw Global Leisure Ltd.

Smarc Group International Limited

Smile World Global Limited

Sohu Expert Int’l Management Solution Inc.

Swanston Asia Inc.

Synchronization Anywhere For You Inc.

Tech Innovation Management Limited

Vertex Digital Entertainment Technologies Inc.

VIP Global Solutions Limited

Wanfang Technology Management Ltd.

Wilshire Worldwide Company Ltd

Winherld Entertainment World Limited

Ximax Holdings Limited

Xionwei Technology Co. Ltd. Inc.

Golden Dreamer Holdings Limited

Dragon Wealth System Inc.

Philippine Cockfighting International Inc.

Great-Gaming International Corp.

Giant Isle Group Limited

Benestar Co., Ltd.

Times Square Premier Management Group Limited

InfiniwebTechnology Inc. and

Blessed Dragon Limited

Four days ago, Pagcor suspended accepting new application for POGO licenses amid concerns that Chinese workers in POGOs did not have valid work permits.

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