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Search for new Darna continues

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Search for new Darna continuesNow that Liza Soberano is out of the much-anticipated Darna film project due to a fractured finger, many names are starting to crop up as a replacement and Maja Salvador is said to be one strong contender. 

To this, the actress-dancer feels humbled and flattered that people consider her to play the iconic role.

Search for new Darna continues

“When news of Liza’s withdrawal from the project came out, I was surprised. I remember to be lying in bed at that time when I checked my social media account and found out that I was trending. When I verified, it was because of Darna. I opted to keep quiet then. I didn’t want to create a buzz about it. For one, Liza is like a sister to me. I love her. And I respect her,” she starts.

“Surely, it’s painful on her part to back out from the project. I know that she wanted to play Darna. More than the fact that it’s an iconic role, it’s her supporters who want her to breathe life to the Pinay superhero. They have been waiting for it all this time. But there are things which should be considered first, like Liza’s injury which could affect her accurate portrayal if ever, right?” she carries on.

Maja is aware as well that playing ‘Darna’ on screen entails lots of challenges. She also understands the pressure that the person who gets picked to portray the role will go through.

“She has a big shoe to fill considering that Angel Locsin was the original choice, then Liza. It’s not going to be easy. So if you’re going to ask me now if I will accept the offer, I can’t give an answer yet. There are lots of factors to consider,” she affirms.

In another development, Maja is very proud that the National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA) recently named her its Dance Ambassador. 

“Words aren’t enough to express how honored and grateful I am to be tagged as such. Imagine, it’s the first time that they have a Dance Ambassador. After my stint in World of Dance Philippines comes this recognition. It’s a nice feeling that people trust and recognize my dancing skills,” she says.

Speaking of World of Dance Philippines, Maja reveals that she’s aware that there are some quarters who questioned her being tapped as one of the show’s main judges.

“I know that I can’t please everybody. But despite that, I learned to take things positively. Of course, in the earlier stage, many questioned my credibility. What’s important though is that I enjoyed being a judge and I became an instrument for the realization of the dreams of many of the participants,” she beams.

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For his role in the hit soap opera Halik, Jericho Rosales has gained acting recognitions from various award-giving bodies.

It makes him feel proud and thankful that his skill in acting is being recognized.

Recently at the 3rd Guild of Educators, Mentors, and Students (GEMS) Hiyas ng Sining Awards, the 39-year-old actor was named Best Actor. He was also proclaimed TV Actor of the Year during the 50th Box-office Entertainment Awards. 

It was learned that he’s part of the team that collaborates to come up with a good show.

“Well, I just contribute my ideas. Actually, it’s more of a collaborative effort from everyone to come up with a good soap,” he says.

Asked if he’s interested to become a director someday, Jericho replies, “Perhaps. But first, I have to study.”

The critically-acclaimed actor is also set to shoot a new film.

“Everything’s still in the planning stage that’s why I can’t spare even a single detail about it. After Halik, I will take a short break then do the movie.”

Interestingly, will it be a heavy or light material?

“Personally, I want something serious this time. Lately, I’ve been doing light stuff on the big screen but this one, I want it to be something heavy but as I’ve said, it’s still being planned. Let’s just wait and see,” Echo states.


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