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Where the gorgeous ‘Bicol It Girls’ are

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Viva Films’ Abay Babes undeniably has the most beautiful set of cast members. And every frame of the sexy comedy flick is a feast for the eyes as it brings together gorgeous beauties such as Cristine Reyes, Kylie Verzosa, Nathalie Hart, Meg Imperial, and Roxanne Barcelo.

Do I still have to mention that everyone is really in for a treat as along with the visual treat is a story that has a right mix of fun and intrigue ready to captivate the audience?

For the cast of Abay Babes, doing the film was both fun and challenging with a few bumpy roads in between. Roxanne, at the grand launch of the movie last week, put it succinctly, “We had to talk…then after that, everyone became so professional until we became really close friends.”

Where the gorgeous  ‘Bicol It Girls’ are
PRETTY WOMEN. Meg Imperial, Nathalie Hart, Cristine Reyes, Kylie Versoza and Roxanne Barcelo star in Viva Films' latest sexy comedy flick, 'Abay Babes.'

According to the film’s director, Don Cuaresma, these ladies had a few misunderstandings which they were able to resolve among themselves. And it was a key element why their chemistry became so palpable onscreen. 

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You see, gorgeous girls need to have a fight first. 

Where the gorgeous ‘Bicol It Girls’ are
Cristine, Kylie and Meg strike a pose before the their film's grand media launch.

Kidding aside, Cristine, Kylie, Nathalie, Meg, and Roxanne could now only laugh at what had happened on the set. 

“In [all] fairness we’re now okay. Before we started, we had a workshop with Sweet John Lapus and then, we had a serious talk na very, very light and eventually, we all became walang kiyeme, mamatey, mategi man, naging magkaibigan kami after,” Roxanne said in jest.

In the film, Roxanne plays Goldie, the class clown.  Goldie is given the moniker, “Abaca” (fiber, in English), because she is the toughest of them all.  

Where the gorgeous  ‘Bicol It Girls’ are
Natalie Hart

Nathalie is Emerald. Her alias is “Bicol Express” because, according to her, she is the hottest among her friends.  She works as a commercial model.  

Ruby, the class topnotcher back in high school and is now a doctor, is played by Cristine.  She is called “Pili Nuts” because, ultimately, guys would choose her beauty over all others.  

Where the gorgeous  ‘Bicol It Girls’ are
Roxanne Barcelo

Perla, who is called “Mt. Mayon” because of its perfect shape, just like her figure, is played by Kylie.  While Jade, a videographer who documents the girls’ road trip to a wedding venue, is played by Meg.

Many years after high school, Emerald, Ruby, Perla, and Goldie (considered the Bicol “It Girls” of their batch) are reunited for the latter’s upcoming wedding.  Joining them is Jade, Goldie’s friend from America.  Everyone is excited about this get-together, but somehow, Goldie’s friends are finding it hard to believe that she is going to be the first to fulfill their dream of getting married, considering that she is the least attractive among them.  

Emerald, Ruby and Perla secretly tease Goldie that she’s just making this all up.  And when they can’t see any videos or pictures of the groom, Zack, the three start to take their joke seriously.  As if their skepticism is not enough, their past issues against one another are also reopened.  

From Viva Films, Abay Babes hits the cinemas on Sept. 19. Also part of the cast are Tom Rodriguez, Marco Gumabao, Mark Bautista, and Candy Pangilinan.

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