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ManilaStandard.Net holds first ever viewing party

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Monday was an eventful day for as the newly-enhanced digital edition of the Manila Standard held its first viewing party ever! The event, the first of several projects lined up for the website’s PopTV section, was held at the office of the publication in Makati. gathered together young KPop fans from different schools to react to the newly released music video of popular idol group Seventeen, entitled Don’t Wanna Cry, the title track of their latest album, Al1 (Alone).

It was an interesting mix of Carats (Seventeen fans) and fans who are into other KPop groups like BTS, Bigbang, Vixx and Super Junior. Most of them have heard of Seventeen but were not really familiar with Seventeen. 

Before the music video was released, the group warmed up by watching teasers and the higlight medley for the new album, Al1. Everyone, especially the Carats, were eagerly anticipating the comeback since this album was rumored to be very different from the usual Seventeen “sound” everyone was used to.

It was great seeing Carats, as well as fans who are not-so-familiar with Seventeen, enjoy their music and their performances. It shows how Seventeen can draw various people's interest with their songs. 

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When the music video came out everyone was in awe and stunned by the cinematography (Toneth, one of the non-Carats, said the MV looked as lush as a KDrama), the choreography and the song itself. At the end of the video, everyone burst into spontaneous applause. Some of the reactors got busy researching members of Seventeen, finding new biases to stan, while others bookmarked the MV so they can stream later on. 

It was a fun time for everyone who got to hear and watch good performances and listen to something new from Seventeen.

The reactors, some of whom prefer to go by their account names, are:  Kei Ann, Martina, Anthonette, Cecile, Jove, @blessmingyu, @sleepyverny, @poutycoups, and @tissuemingyu. 


Watch the reaction video below:


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