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Improving safety and service: MOVE IT holds inaugural passenger feedback forum

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In a move to deepen its commitment to passenger safety, homegrown motorcycle taxi provider MOVE IT held its first-ever passenger feedback forum. The inaugural event served as a platform for the company to directly engage with its regular commuters, gather insights, and share updates on its ongoing safety initiatives.

MOVE IT General Manager Wayne Jacinto led the discussion, highlighting the various strategies the platform has undertaken to ensure the well-being of both riders and passengers. Key topics included the expansion of skills training for riders, the activation of advanced safety features, the constant upgrading of safety gear, and the fortification of emergency response programs.

The face-to-face feedback forum complements MOVE IT’s existing in-app mechanisms, such as the post-ride rating system, activity tab, and report-an-issue feature, allowing the company to gather comprehensive insights from its users.

Leveraging the productive discussions and feedback from commuter groups, MOVE IT has swiftly implemented new safety measures and technologies, further solidifying its commitment to road safety.

Focusing on Rider Skills: MOVE IT has expanded its skills development and assessment program, introducing mandatory quarterly training sessions to refresh rider-partners on safety protocols and techniques to navigate various road challenges. The platform has also launched new face-to-face values and behavior seminars to promote a professional and courteous rider community.

Activating New Technologies: MOVE IT is leveraging real-time data analytics to monitor rider-partner speed and issue “Overspeeding Alerts,” empowering riders to adjust their pace for a safer ride.

Elevating Emergency Response: The platform has grown its on-ground Emergency Response Team, adding more personnel and resources to ensure a swift response to any untoward incidents, with a target of less than 30 minutes. Additionally, MOVE IT is introducing incentives for proactive accident reporting, encouraging riders to look out for one another.

Prioritizing Gear Quality: MOVE IT has implemented a stricter and more regular cadence of gear quality inspection, while also providing incentive-based gear, such as new helmets, to ensure rider-partners are equipped with top-tier protective equipment.

MOVE IT will continue to engage deeply with the communities it serves, encouraging passengers and drivers to provide feedback through various channels. This commitment to continuous improvement will help the platform enhance its safety and reliability as a provider of two-wheel transportation for Filipino commuters.


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