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Where are we really heading towards?

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The automotive industry is facing a crucial crossroad, with questions arising about the future of electric vehicles (EVs) and the direction the industry is truly heading. While the push for full electrification and achieving net-zero emissions within the next decade is commendable, the reality on the ground may not match the hype.

One recent auto show showcased numerous new electric cars, predominantly from Chinese brands, giving the impression that the world is swiftly transitioning to full electric. However, experts warn against solely relying on local observations. The truth is that several major global car manufacturers have significantly slowed down their electric vehicle plans and are exploring alternatives to the much-touted EVs.

Japanese car manufacturers, in particular, are placing their bets on hybrid technology. Toyota, the world’s leading automaker, remains cautious about electric cars and continues to focus on hybrids. Even Kia, a top Korean car manufacturer, has announced its intention to introduce more hybrids in response to slower EV demand and to fend off low-cost Chinese rivals. They are set to launch a new lineup of affordable EVs alongside their hybrid offerings.

Interestingly, the world’s largest oil producer, Saudi Aramco, has expressed skepticism about the current energy transition strategy, labeling it a misguided failure. CEO Amin Nasser believes that the world should abandon the idea of phasing out oil and gas and instead invest in them based on realistic demand assumptions. He argues that last year, fossil fuels still accounted for 82 percent of global consumption, and oil demand is set to reach record levels this year.

These observations indicate that the global embrace of electric vehicles is still a distant reality. The automotive industry is grappling with the challenges of transitioning away from traditional fuels and finding the right balance between electric and hybrid technologies. While the goal of achieving net-zero emissions remains crucial, it is imperative to acknowledge the complexities and uncertainties surrounding the path to full electrification. The automotive world is far from a unanimous verdict on the future of electric cars.


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