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Autohub Group Introduces Segway Electric Scooters

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Revolutionizing Personal Mobility in the PH

In an electrifying announcement, Autohub Group president Willy Tee Ten revealed the introduction of Segway Electric Scooters to the Philippines, poised to change the landscape of personal mobility in the country Segway, known worldwide for its cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking design, is no stranger to the realm of personal mobility solutions.

Leading the charge is the flagship model, the E300SE, an epitome of power and performance. With an impressive 10kW of maximum power and an extraordinary single-charge range of 130 kilometers, it is poised to revolutionize electric mobility in the archipelago.

The E110L, with its 2.2kW of maximum power and a range of 110 kilometers, strikes a perfect balance between efficiency and distance. Meanwhile, the N100 model, also offering 2.2kW of maximum power and an eco-friendly range of 105 kilometers, embodies the virtues of compact and sustainable transportation.

Tee Ten emphasized the importance of accessibility, stating, “All the Segway eScooter models I mentioned will come at a highly competitive price, making them a truly accessible option for the Filipinos.”

In a momentous announcement during the Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit (PEVS), he revealed that unit reservations would be open immediately, with Segway eScooters available for purchase from January 2024. As the exclusive Philippine distributor, Autohub Group actively seeks partners who share their vision for a sustainable and connected future.

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With the introduction of Segway eScooters, the Philippines stands on the brink of a new era in sustainable and efficient urban transportation. Tee Ten aptly concluded, “Let’s embark on this exciting future together, one eScooter ride at a time.” As the nation eagerly awaits this revolution in personal mobility, the future indeed appears to be electric and exhilarating.

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