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A visionary leader for the City of Gentle People

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Some people often mistake gentleness as a sign of weakness, but that’s not usually true. Dumaguete, known as the City of Gentle People, proves that being kind and mild-mannered can also be a strength, as evident in its 75 years as a city.

It also helps that Dumaguete has Mayor Felipe “Ipe” Antonio Remollo as its executive leader to guide them toward creating a livable and cultured community, among other goals.

Now on his third term as mayor, Remollo served in the position from 1998-2001, 2016-2022, and 2022 to present. He continues implementing various plans, projects, and policies throughout the city’s barangays to coincide with his LUPAD slogan.

LUPAD, a Visayan term which means fly, or lipad in Filipino, stands for Livable and cultured community, Urban revitalization inclusive of all barangays; P for professionalism in government service and good governance, Abundance of food, clothing, and adequate shelter for every family; and Devotion to God and dedication to country and the community. It has since served as Remollo’s standard for his brand of public service.

Remollo’s passion for leading Dumaguete is personal, as he was born, raised, and educated in the city. He had a firsthand experience of how the City of Gentle People operates and what it needs to improve.

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He first experienced being in a seat of local governance when he was elected kagawad from 1978-1981 in San Jose, a town close to Dumaguete, where his father, Orlando Remollo, served as mayor.

Eager to succeed and become an effective public leader, he moved to Manila to study law at the Ateneo de Manila University. Although he began working as a lawyer in Manila, which took him away from Dumaguete for around two decades, his vision for the city remained steadfast.

When he returned to Dumaguete and ran for mayor in 1998, Remollo secured the position because his aspirations aligned with the youth who envisioned a prosperous city.

Upon winning the re-election for his second term, Remollo wasted no time living by his LUPAD campaign slogan. For instance, he partnered with the National Museum to restore the former city and transform it into a regional museum to underscore the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Remollo also consistently boosts the local economy and other industries by partnering with foreign investors to build infrastructures, like government centers, markets, and transport terminals throughout Dumaguete, to improve the city’s living conditions and local government’s efficiency.

He also ensured peace and order would prevail in the city, which is apt for the Dumaguete’s title.

Besides culture, economy, and peace and order, the mayor also prioritized local education and promoted sports by hosting various events in the city.

Without a doubt, Remollo has high hopes for Dumaguete as he envisions it to be a peaceful and prosperous city that welcomes everybody with open arms. He hopes his constituents will maintain their confidence in him and the city’s LGU as they continue implementing positive change that brings the best results for the community.

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