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Angkas enhances emergency response team for passenger safety

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Angkas, the leading motorcycle taxi app in the Philippines, has ramped up its emergency response initiatives to ensure the safety of the riders and passengers.

Since its inception in 2016, Angkas has been a frontrunner in enhancing the safety measures within the motorcycle taxi industry with its Emergency Response Team (ERT).

The leading MC Taxi app has recently announced further enhancements to its emergency response initiatives.

Angkas ERT Lead Marlon Abilong, a licensed emergency medical technician, detailed the expanded and upgraded training processes designed to boost the team’s ability to provide critical support swiftly.

“We began this journey back in 2016. Today, we’ve expanded our knowledge base with management and Sir George taking the lead. We’ve broadened our training, acquired new equipment, and refined our skills to better handle potential emergencies,” said Abilong.

The enhancements to the Angkas ERT include 24/7 coverage by EMT responders, achieving an emergency response time of 15 to 30 minutes.

The program collaborates with numerous accessible hospitals and ambulance networks, and includes certified EMTs skilled in performing on-site responses that include real-time triaging and interventions. Abilong also mentioned that the ERT facilitates seamless insurance procurement for stakeholders when needed.

Angkas Biker Representative and certified EMT, Bernabe “Jhun” Romerosa, shared his rigorous journey of training and certification before joining the ERT.

“Basic life support training is essential, as well as EMT certification to join the Angkas emergency response team. It took me about three months of study to get certified. However, certification alone is not enough; a genuine passion for responding to emergencies is crucial,” Romerosa said.

Romerosa further explained the comprehensive process of the Angkas ERT, which begins with a call to Angkas’ 24/7 emergency hotline and concludes with managing the situation and any injuries. “Once we receive a report of an emergency via our hotline or support team, we quickly determine the location and assess the situation and those involved. An EMT is then dispatched to provide immediate care, and if necessary, we have a backup or call an ambulance to transport the individual to the nearest hospital,” he said.

Following the enhancement of their services, Abilong highlighted additional safety and well-being programs being developed for all Angkas stakeholders.

“Initially, we established clinics in Cainta and Makati where bikers and their families can get check-ups, led by Sir George Royeca and Doctor Kevin, our medical director. Secondly, we are rolling out basic life support and first aid training for all our bikers,” stated Abilong. Angkas aims to educate the entire biker community in basic emergency responses, with initiatives involving several bikers like Romerosa as crucial steps in disseminating this training.

Moreover, Angkas’ ERT program is currently operational in Metro Manila, Cagayan De Oro, and Cebu City, with plans to expand as Angkas grows its operations to new locations. Abilong reassured both Angkas riders and passengers of the ERT’s readiness and capability to respond promptly in emergencies.

Despite Angkas’ impressive 99.997% safety record and its dedicated team of medical responders, Romerosa advised riders and passengers to remain alert and comply with traffic laws as a preventive measure.

“For bikers, simply follow traffic laws, and for passengers, avoid using cellphones while riding,” he advised.


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