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4 common cybersecurity threats to watch out for

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The shift to the digital realm has opened opportunities for enhanced, seamless communication and collaboration for businesses implementing remote work. 

HP EliteBook 840 G8

However, this has also given rise to a variety of cyberattacks, particularly for those working from home. With all these threats, cybercrime can alarmingly cost the world $10.5 trillion every year by 2025.

Thus, staying protected against pertinent cyber vulnerabilities with a hardworking laptop like the HP EliteBook 840 G8, equipped with powerful security features, has never been as important as now. Here are the top cybersecurity threats to watch out for and how HP’s EliteBook 840 can effectively keep these cyber threats contained and at bay.

Phishing attacks

A simple digital message with a convincing but fishy link is all it takes to be a victim of a phishing attack. Cyber attackers have been taking advantage of the health crisis by sending out emails in the guise of information pertaining to COVID-19.

With the EliteBook 840 G8, never-before-seen attacks can be prevented, thanks to its HP Sure Sense. This unique security feature uses proprietary deep learning algorithms and advanced neural network technology that recognizes such threats.


Malvertising is another cyber security threat to watch out for. It stands for malicious advertising where online ads distribute malware. Cybercriminals put up ads tampered with malicious code snippets scattered across the websites, even on social media sites like Facebook, on the Internet.

The HP BIOSphere feature of the EliteBook 840 G8 can protect and defend a user’s data and overall system from malvertising. This feature enables automated protections and customizable safeguards to cover all gaping holes against this threat.

Compromised passwords

Using the same password for multiple accounts and sites? Based on Google’s recent online security survey, 52 percent of the participants admitted to using just one password to access multiple accounts. This will make it easier for hackers to take over user accounts in a jiffy.

Apart from the HP BIOSphere, the EliteBook also features the HP Sure View that helps protect sensitive data shown on the computer screen, particularly when logging in username and passwords to access a site. This will prevent onlookers from viewing from the sides.


Ransomware became more prevalent in 2020 and this particular type of cyber attack is showing no signs of slowing down. This cybersecurity threat sneaks its way into a system by encrypting files on computers. The attacker then asks the user for a ransom in exchange for their original files. Ransomware attacks are more sophisticated these days, so take extra precautions.

With the EliteBook’s HP Sure Click, malware and other harmful codes hidden in websites and read-only Microsoft Office and PDF attachments can be trapped in an isolated virtual machine.

Cybersecurity is a whole different world with threats lurking, scattered across the world wide web. Keep important files and sensitive data safe and secure from these common cyber attacks with the HP EliteBook 840 G8. With this laptop, users are equipped against threats without disruptions to their productivity.

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