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5 new training science/tech programs offered

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Filipinos seeking to upgrade their skills and knowledge in science and technology can now apply for five new grants and training programs from the Department of Science and Technology—Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development.

5 new training science/tech programs offered

These programs are the S&T Fellows Program, Science Communication Fellowship Program, PROSPPER, RIEETOOL, and ExpertISE.

These new initiatives that are added to DOST-PCIEERD's Human Resources Development Program, which will enhance the research capabilities of Filipinos are:

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• Providing Resources, Opportunities and Support for Project-based Personnel and Researchers (PROSPPER)

PROSPPER assists project personnel and researchers of PCIEERD-supported projects to attain graduate scholarships for the completion of their graduate degrees while gaining research experience in PCIEERD-supported projects.

• Researchers on Industry, Energy Emerging Technologies-Opening Opportunities for Learning (RIEETOOL)

RIEETOOL gives support to researchers, scientists, engineers, faculty, students, and personnel from academic and research institutions, as well as government and private institutions, to enhance their skills and knowledge that are aligned with the PCIEERD sectoral priority areas, DOST Harmonized National R&D Agenda-Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technologies (HNRDA-IEET), and other government or national priority roadmaps.

• Expert Intervention for Scientific Engagement (ExpertISE) for PCIEERD Regional Consortia

The ExperTISE Program aims to uplift regional consortia for industry, energy, and emerging technologies by providing awareness on industry dynamics, cross functional nature and business realities at the fundamental level, providing regional experts and identify potential niche, industry gaps, challenges and R&D needs, and conceptualize innovations that will address the gaps in the industry.

Experts in science and technology are encouraged to apply for the S&T Fellows Program to help DOST enrich the country’s S&T human resource. It is a long-term engagement that has the goal of upgrading the R&D know-how of the department’s attached agencies.

S&T fellows will direct, undertake, and promote R&D in the country that are envisioned to spur socio-economic growth, as well as speed-up inclusive development in the countryside through state-of-the-art innovations. They are entitled to receive benefits and salaries from SG 23-27, depending on their credentials.

In partnership with the University of the Philippines Los Baños College of Development, DOST-PCIEERD is rolling out the Science Communication Fellowship Program to empower 40 scientists, researchers, and communications specialists to better promote their innovations and research results to the public.

The program is composed of a series of mentoring activities that will introduce the concepts of science communication, popularization techniques, and skills in developing communications materials.

Aspiring Pinoy science communicators should be part of an ongoing PCIEERD-supported project with a remaining duration of at least six months. Applications must be submitted until July 29.

“As a leader and preferred partner in boosting productivity and growth in the Philippines’ S&T fields, we are confident that these new programs will help many Filipinos evolve into S&T experts and fast track overall development. We highly encourage Filipinos to not let this opportunity pass,” said DOST-PCIEERD Executive Director Dr. Enrico C. Paringit. 

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