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Discontinued routers now a target for mass exploitation by cybercriminals

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Cybercriminals have found a way to steal sensitive information by taking advantage of a series of widely-used routers which were discontinued four years ago. 

In June 25, data security and intelligence firm GreyNoise Labs reported that its proprietary automated threat hunting tool “Sift” detected an exploit identified as “CVE-2024-0769,” an unauthenticated path traversal used by hackers to gain access to restricted directories and files on a server – essentially stealing user data and other confidential and sensitive information.

This vulnerability, however, is reported to affect End-of-Life (EOL) D-Link DIR-859 WiFi routers, all of its revisions and firmware.

“Any information disclosed from the device will remain valuable to attackers for the lifetime of the device as long as it remains internet facing. These attributes make for the potential of a long-tail of exploitation that may come to a head at a later date,” GreyNoise Labs included in the report.

The attack, which can be launched remotely, has been disclosed and can be used by the general public.

In a statement, the product’s manufacturer recommends D-Link devices that have reached EOL – a phase where the device is no longer supported and will be unable to receive any patch in the future, should be retired and replaced.

“D-Link strongly recommends that this product be retired and cautions that any further use of this product may be a risk to devices connected to it,” the statement reads.

In the Philippines, D-Link business products are sold by distributors, as well as on its official Lazada and Shopee stores where the public can purchase its collection of WiFi and mobile routers, unmanaged ethernet switches, CCTV cameras, and other networking solutions.


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