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OKTO, tailor-made solution for SMEs

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Aiming to provide a secure and reliable platform for cashless payments and a digital hub for loyalty and rewards programs, GoDigital built OKTO, an ecosystem that empowers customers to pay, earn and redeem rewards, while providing SMEs a fully customizable POS platform.

OKTO, tailor-made solution for smes
Shown during the launch of OKTO are (from left) Mark Lorenz Ong, Lead Engineer for OKTO POS; Mark Joseph Gomez, Marketing Director; Roland Christian Chua Jr., Chief Technology Officer; Kriza Diane Sy, General Manager; and Ace Louie Eusebio, Lead Engineer fo OKTO Pay. Lorraine Alberto

“We help companies whether they’re big or small, to take their first step in digital transformation. OKTO is all about empowering business innovation. OKTO is mainly three core products; OKTO Pay, OKTO Loyalty, and the OKTO POS,” said GoDigital’s Chief Technology Officer Roland Christian Chua Jr.

OKTO Pay, the first module of the OKTO series, integrates bills payment functions, loading services, and e-pin purchasing transactions in an app for consumers.

Lead engineer Ace Louie Eusebio said OKTO Pay will involve a consumer and merchant app, where the former allows cashless transactions, while the merchant app allows SMEs to gain more foot traffic through bills, load, and pin payments that bring an additional stream of revenue.

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“OKTO Pay is a platform wherein customers and merchants alike can do cashless transactions using digital wallets. It features QR code usability and NFC compatibility. It uses transactions that are fast and secured which is recorded in real time. To be accessible for everyone, we designed our wallets to have a zero maintaining balance,” said Eusebio.

Meanwhile, OKTO Loyalty customizes transactional rewarding from how the clients of SMEs get rewarded, receive promotions, and enjoy targeted benefits to engage both the business and the consumer.

“We created a way for our merchants to keep their users engaged while building long time value through rewarding. Through a platform that they can customize, they can use their creativity to build whatever type of campaign that they want and give rewards to whoever they want that can redeem whatever they want to,” said Mark Joseph Gomez, Marketing Director of GoDigital.

With OKTO Loyalty, SMEs can also monitor their promotional campaigns through digital reports and analytics, integrate OKTO with pre-existing CRM and other systems, offer multiple reward systems for their users, and coordinate with other OKTO Loyalty Partners.

The third module, called OKTO POS, boasts of a customizability and easy-to-use POS system for the modern SMEs, which streamlines inventory management, sales, and cash flow with a full-fledged back-end office. 

With OKTO POS, merchants can manage their business from a phone or tablet, update their inventory, get delivery notifications, gain best selling insights, and track real time data. 

GoDigital provides cost-effective digital solutions via its customizable products and modular sets, helping SMEs digitize, while optimizing efficiency and maximizing their resources in an increasingly fickle digital space where retaining customers is a priority.

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