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Worry less, do more: vivo Y28, priced at P7,999, comes with IP64 Rating and 6000mAh Battery

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Smartphone durability is necessary in the Philippines, where life often occurs outdoors and expected downpours are typical. 

A cracked screen from a short tumble onto the pavement or a phone rendered useless by a sudden rain shower can be more than an inconvenience – it can disrupt communication, work, and entertainment.  Smartphones are essential companions for navigating commutes, capturing stunning island scenery, and staying connected with loved ones, which means durability is no longer a luxury.

Fortunately, finding a durable smartphone doesn’t mean spending a fortune with the new vivo Y28, which stands out in three fields: performance, design, and camera, starting at ₱7,999.00. 

The vivo Y28 boasts an impressive IP64 rating, but what does that mean for your phone’s well-being? The IP rating system, short for Ingress Protection, is an international standard that defines a device’s level of protection against dust and water. The IP code itself consists of two digits.  The first digit indicates how well the device fares against solid objects like dust particles. In the case of the Y28 with an IP64 rating, the “6” signifies complete dust protection. It means you won’t have to worry about fine sand at the beach or everyday dust buildup hindering your phone’s performance.

vivo Y28 in Agate Green

Meanwhile, the second digit refers to water protection. In vivo Y28’s IP64 rating, the “4” indicates the phone can withstand water spray from any direction.  So, while the smartphone might not survive a dunk in the pool, it can handle rain showers, splashes, and even accidental spills without succumbing to water damage–all without breaking the bank. 

It means that you can enjoy fun seaside activities or outdoor sports, work outdoors, and brave the country’s extreme weather without worrying about your smartphone. 

Besides being an extremely durable smartphone for its affordable price range, the vivo Y28 also comes with vivo’s First Largest 6000mAh Battery in the industry, with Ultra Slim Design, which promises long battery life. You can watch YouTube videos for more than 24 hours or browse through Facebook and Instagram for 39.7 and 14.4 hours, respectively. 

Despite the heavy-duty battery, the vivo Y28 provides an excellent grip and is slimmer and lighter, measuring only 7.99 centimeters and 199 grams. 

When the battery runs out, it doesn’t take long to power it back up, thanks to the vivo Y28’s 44W fast-charging feature. After four years, the battery capacity retention remains above 80 percent. 

Another key feature of the vivo Y28 is its Dynamic Light feature that enhances user experience by making the screen brighter or notifying users. It also flashes during the countdown for taking photos to let the subjects prepare for the shot. 

More user-centered features in the smartphone include the 1,000 nits highest-brightness option that allows users to watch clearly under the sunlight, ideal for those warm and bright Philippine summers, and a TÜV Low Blue Light Certification to protect your eyes from strain from using the unit extensively. Additionally, its dual speaker with 300 percent highest volume enables users to hear louder sound even in various noisy outdoor environments, making phone calls clearer, gaming experiences more immersive, and listening to music more enjoyable. 

It also packs a punch in the performance department with the MediaTek Helio G85 that ensures stable and smooth hardware operation for daily use. Moreover, the HyperEngine Gaming Technology promises Intelligent Resource Management to regulate CPU, GPU, and memory according to the power, temperature, and gaming factors.

The smartphone comes in two versions: 128 and 256 GB ROM. Both have a memory booster for smoother system running and seamless multitasking, eliminating the need for frequent manual quitting of background apps, an extended RAM for more space for application switching, and a 2-nano + 1 SIM Card (1TB) card slot. 

Speaking of design, the vivo Y28 comes in two colors: Gleaming Orange and Agate Green, which both embody various styles to meet consumer preferences, whether they want something vibrant or a more sleek look to their smartphones. 

The phone also has anti-fingerprint technology, a metallic high-gloss frame, and a 3D diamond pattern design. 

Finally, the vivo Y28 camera is the clearest 50MP HD Camera in its price range, making any shot clear. It has an 8 MP Front Camera with Aura Screen Light to give users soft skin and an attractive portrait shot when taking selfies. You can even choose from various optional styles for easy selfies. 

Other features include photo borders that show the time and place where you took the picture and a hidden photos option for better privacy protection. 

If you’re looking for a durable, stylish, well-performing, and affordable smartphone, look no further than the vivo Y28. The official price of the vivo Y28 in the Philippines is ₱7,999.00 for the 8GB+128GB version and ₱9,999.00 for the 8GB+256GB version. It’s available in vivo stores and authorized retailers. It’s also available online via the official vivo store on Shopee, Lazada, and the vivo e-store.


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