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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

ATRAM expands portfolio with 10 innovative investment fund offerings

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ATRAM reinforces market dominance with the largest market share of global investment feeder funds. 

ATRAM, one of the largest and leading independent asset management companies in the Philippines, has unveiled ten new investment funds in a strategic move following the recent transfer of Pru Life UK Asset Management And Trust Corporation’s fiduciary assets. In a dynamic reshaping of its portfolio, ATRAM has rebranded and optimized the newly acquired funds, reflecting a commitment to providing diversified investment options that suit every client’s individual needs and investment profile.

The ten rebranded funds complement ATRAM’s existing offerings, addressing gaps for clients’ diverse risk tolerance, investment horizons, and thematic preferences. 

With an impressive 52% stake in global feeder funds in the Philippines, ATRAM solidifies its leadership role in offering global accessibility to these investment funds through this latest expansion of its portfolio. The current AUM of global feeder funds is PHP 101.6 billion as of March 2024, and through ATRAM’s products, Filipinos are gaining access to these growing, global investment opportunities.

Mia Grey, Chief Product Officer shared, “We are excited to announce the unveiling of these new funds, which represent a significant milestone in our long term business strategy. By seamlessly integrating established offerings with our own, we have created more robust portfolios that cater to a wide range of investor preferences.” 

The ten new funds introduced are:

  • The ATRAM Peso Liquid Fund: A conservative fund investment option focused on capital preservation, through investments in low-risk, short-term Philippine peso instruments.
  • The ATRAM USD Money Market Fund: This fund offers short-term USD investments in Philippine government securities and high-quality fixed-income.
  • The ATRAM USD Developed Markets Multi-Asset Fund of Funds: Offering investors a single solution for balanced growth, this fund strategically allocates across global equities and US investment-grade securities.
  • The ATRAM Philippine Balanced Fund: An aggressive fund that pursues long-term growth through a mix of money-market instruments, fixed income, and Philippine equities.
  • The ATRAM USD Total Return Bond Fund: This moderate fund seeks consistent income and moderate growth by investing in a portfolio of liquid, Philippine peso-denominated government and corporate bonds. 
  • The ATRAM USD Global Technology Leaders Feeder Fund: An aggressive USD high-growth equity fund targeting the dynamic technology sector, poised for substantial long-term gains. 
  • The ATRAM USD Asian High Yield Bond Feeder Fund: Investing in non-investment grade corporate securities of Asian companies, this fund provides an opportunity for investors seeking high yields.
  • The ATRAM Philippine Equity Index Tracker Fund: Designed to mirror PSEi performance, this fund offers a strategic option for investors looking to capitalize on the Philippine equity market.
  • The ATRAM Long Term Peso Bond Fund: The first long-term bond offering for moderately-aggressive investors, providing an avenue to capitalize on interest rate swings.
  • The ATRAM Philippine Equity Leaders: Designed to capture the top Philippine companies in the PSEi, this fund offers an opportunity for investors to capitalize on the leaders of the Philippine market.

For more information on the new funds and ATRAM’s complete portfolio of investment solutions, please visit 


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