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SmarTrade, ATFX partner for exclusive deep dive into technical analysis

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SmarTrade and ATFX, two leading providers of financial education and trading services, are holding an exclusive masterclass on technical analysis for ATFX traders every week. Titled “Technical Analysis: Your Roadmap to High Probability Trades,” this masterclass offers participants a comprehensive and in-depth exploration of the world of technical analysis.

The five-part learning session covers the following topics: 

The Principles of Technical and Fundamental Analysis focuses on the key theories and methodologies that drive both technical and fundamental analysis. This will give participants a solid foundation in the basics of trading to make informed decisions.

Price Patterns and Breakout Strategies is about how to decipher price movements and capitalize on breakouts, ensuring that they are equipped to identify high-probability trading opportunities. 

Trading Signals, Momentum Oscillators, and Trend-Following Signals aims to help participants to time their trades more effectively and how to utilize momentum oscillators and trend-following signals to maximize returns. 

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Candlestick Patterns and Reversal and Continuing Signals is an introduction to the 

significance of candlestick patterns and how they can be used to predict both reversals and continuations in the market. This will give participants an edge over other traders and help them to avoid costly mistakes.

The Role of Fundamental Analysis in Trading and the Creation of a Robust Trading Plan will help participants grasp the integration of fundamental insights into their trading plan to make informed decisions.  While technical analysis provides a visual representation of the market, fundamental analysis offers insights into its core. 

The masterclass is be led by Edwin Saguibo, seasoned trading coach and Head of Learning and Development at SmarTrade, who will share their insights and strategies with participants. The five-part session will also provide ample opportunities for participants to network with each other and learn from their peers.

“In the volatile world of trading, knowledge is the most important asset,” said Joyce Ann Mayo, President & CEO of SmarTrade. “Together with ATFX, we aim to equip our traders with strategies, insights, and a structured approach, setting them on a trajectory for consistent success.”

Edwin Saguibo, Head of Learning and Development at SmarTrade PH, talks about Price Patterns and Breakout Strategies during a Technical Analysis masterclass held in Quezon City.

This collaboration between SmarTrade and ATFX is a testament to their shared commitment to empowering traders through unparalleled education. With both companies at the helm, this masterclass promises to be an invaluable experience for all participants.

If you are an ATFX trader interested in learning more about technical analysis and improving your trading skills, we encourage you to register for the upcoming masterclass with their local education partner at

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