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In race to be fastest, Converge tops user-initiated ratings, awards

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In this digital age where streaming is king and dominates most forms of entertainment – from music to movies and gaming – Converge is racing ahead to give customers exactly what they deserve: a top-notch video experience.

Converge remains at the forefront of the race to be the fastest internet service provider in the Philippines, emphasizing the company’s prominence in instant play, seamless playback, and optimization for 4K.

Awarded the *Best ISP Video Experience in the Philippines for the second half of 2022 during the Ookla® Speedtest Award™, Converge finished at the top with an overall 80.99 video score. The recognition solidifies the consumer-initiated scoring results of users’ video experiences during a six-month period.

Maximum video streaming and viewing experience calls for three important criteria: video starts as soon as the play button is pressed, video plays up to the end without stalling, and the video displays at the highest possible quality. Ookla® had measurements for each of these important user criteria. Converge came out on top in all these video criteria among the internet service providers in the country.

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“Being named the company with the Best ISP Video Experience solidifies our reputation of having the fastest broadband connectivity in the Philippines. The fact is, you don’t top all three key categories if you are not delivering a high-speed internet connection,” Converge Chief Operations Officer Jesus C. Romero said. “Optimized user experience is important to us, so consumer-initiated ratings affirm all the efforts that we’ve done to improve our network to deliver fast, high-capacity connectivity.”

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Converge emphasizes that their subscribers get more than what they are paying for because they make sure users enjoy consistent high speed, lowest latency (all data arrives swiftly) (12.51ms in 2022), and low jitter (2ms in 2022) (all data arrives in the right order) connectivity no matter their plan subscription. These network assets make Converge the absolute choice for gamers, streamers, and high-volume data-sharing enterprises, with its Ookla® median speed clocking in at 94.39 Mbps and its top median speed reaching as high as 439.6 Mbps.

The company has consistently upgraded its bandwidth speed without increasing the subscription price. Converge initially offered 25 Mbps on its basic FiberX plan in 2018 before increasing the speed to 35 Mbps the following year. Understanding the high-volume bandwidth demand during the pandemic, the ICT company increased its basic FiberX plan speed to 50 Mbps before doubling that speed to 100 Mbps during the first half of 2022. Converge capped its year by offering another free double speed increase at the end of the year, making its basic FiberX plan run on 200 Mbps.

“Filipinos deserve the fastest internet at an affordable price; that’s why we’ve only increased our speed but never our prices. We always put our subscribers’ preferences and experiences first. Their satisfaction is our success. Being called a market disruptor is a badge of honor for us. We are always the first to give free speed bumps, and our competitors just follow suit,” Romero added.

Converge has been a perennial winner in Ookla®’s consumer-initiated ratings and awards, winning **Most Consistent Network across five major regions in the last quarter of 2021 and being crowned the ***Top Rated Fixed Network for the first half of 2022. The ICT company ended its 2022 run at the top of streaming giant Netflix’s Speed Index after Netflix users rated Converge as the best ISP for binge-watch streaming.

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