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Manila Standard leads Earth Day 2024 celebrations in Macabebe, Pampanga

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Manila Standard hosted a significant mangrove planting event in Macabebe, Pampanga, on April 20, 2024, aligning with its longstanding commitment to corporate social responsibility.

This activity was held in conjunction with global Earth Day celebrations, which this year embraced the theme “Planet vs. Plastics,” underscoring the urgent need to address environmental challenges. The event is a continuation of the company’s IntegriTree program under its Adopt-a-Tree campaign.

Held in Brgy. Consuelo, about a 2-hour drive from Manila, the event had Manila Standard employees and local volunteers planting numerous mangrove propagules, reinforcing coastal ecosystems and mitigating erosion. This underscored the role of natural barriers in protecting the environment and communities like Brgy. Consuelo.

Reflecting on the initiative, Edgar Valmorida, Circulation Manager of Manila Standard, connected this year’s efforts to the broader environmental mission of the organization.

“Building on last year’s ‘Green Wave’ initiative for World Environment Day, we continue our advocacy by enhancing our coastal regions, which is crucial not just for biodiversity, but for the livelihoods dependent on these ecosystems,” Valmorida said.

Anita Grefal, OIC-Operations at Manila Standard, emphasized the educational aspect of the event. She highlighted the ongoing “Integritree” campaign within their “Adopt-a-Tree” initiative, demonstrating the newspaper’s dedication to environmental education and action.

“Today’s planting is about instilling a sense of responsibility and fostering a connection with our environment, aligning with global themes like Earth Day’s focus on reducing plastic pollution,” Grefal explained.

“We are immensely thankful for the enduring partnerships that make these initiatives possible. Together, we are setting a precedent for community-driven environmental action that hopefully inspires others to join us in these crucial efforts,” she added.

Last year, Manila Standard conducted its 12th annual tree planting event, “The Green Wave,” at La Mesa Dam in Quezon City to commemorate World Environment Day. The event, supported by various corporate partners and involving the planting of 300 seedlings, reinforced Manila Standard’s long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability through its CSR initiatives.

“For Earth Day 2024, we coordinated closely with the office of Director Karmela Beatriz L. Galura from the Strategic Communication and Initiative Services (SCIS) at the Department of Natural Resources Central Office,” Valmorida said.

“Director Galura facilitated our collaboration with PENRO Pampanga, particularly with Mr. Robbie Gutierrez, Extension Officer of the National Greening Program (NGP) as well as Mr. Peter John De Jesus, and Mr. Gary Aringgoy from NGP. We are also grateful for the support from the office of the DENR Secretary, Hon. Maria Antonio Yulo-Loyzaga, who played a crucial role in advancing our request.”

On the other hand, Guiterrez expressed gratitude for the support: “We are thankful for the significant effort and look forward to more partnerships with Manila Standard. It’s crucial that more like-minded companies join us in our efforts to nurture Mother Nature,” he said in Filipino.

Led by the Manila Standard and supported by Aboitiz Power, Nickel Asia Corporation, Tingog Party List, and the local government and Barangay Council, the event was an impactful stand against environmental degradation, marking a significant stride towards tangible environmental conservation.

The event concluded with participants sharing a hearty lunch, reinforcing a powerful message as they departed that every small action contributes to a larger effort in environmental conservation and responsibility.

In the battle against plastic pollution, climate change, and broader environmental challenges, every mangrove stands crucial, empowering communities to drive impactful change.


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