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Philippine Ports Authority celebrates 50 golden years of excellence

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The Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) commemorates its 50th anniversary today, July 11, 2024, celebrating half a century of dedicated service and significant contributions to the nation’s port infrastructure and economic growth. This milestone event highlights PPA’s journey from its establishment to becoming a pivotal agency in the country’s development.

Historical Evolution of PPA

The origins of PPA trace back to a time when port administration was primarily handled by the Bureau of Customs (BOC) and the Bureau of Public Works (BPW). In the early 1970s, with over 591 national and municipal ports and 200 private ports scattered across the Philippines, there was a clear need for a centralized body to oversee port planning and development. This necessity led to the creation of the Philippine Ports Authority under Presidential Decree No. 505, later amended by P.D. No. 857 in December 1975. This decree expanded PPA’s functions to include the integrated planning, development, financing, and maintenance of ports nationwide.

Further amendments in 1978 and 1987 through Executive Orders No. 513 and No. 159 respectively, granted PPA police authority, established the National Ports Advisory Council (NPAC), and vested PPA with full responsibility for port construction projects, relieving the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) of this duty.

In a speech during the 2024 Government-Owned or -Controlled Corporations (GOCC) Day at the Philippine International Convention Center on May 6, 2024, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. praised the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) for its significant contributions to the nation’s economic growth.

Represented by General Manager Jay Santiago, the PPA was acknowledged for its remarkable performance, notably its record-breaking remittance of P5.06 billion in cash dividends for 2023, which equates to 58.25% of its net earnings. This recognition highlights PPA’s role in enhancing the quality of life for Filipino citizens through improved port services and infrastructure.

President Marcos emphasized that the event was not just about acknowledging financial contributions but also about encouraging greater performance and excellence among GOCCs. He noted that in 2023, the PPA was one of the leading dividend contributors, ranking fourth overall. The President expressed confidence that GOCCs, including the PPA, would continue to surpass previous records, contributing significantly to the nation’s progress.

PPA’s Role and Achievements

PPA has played a crucial role as the State’s engineering and construction arm, ensuring the safety and efficiency of all infrastructure facilities. Its responsibilities include the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of national highways, flood control, and water resources development systems. This has significantly contributed to the economic growth and quality of life in the Philippines.

The recent recognition of PPA’s outstanding performance during the 2024 Government-Owned or -Controlled Corporations (GOCC) Day underscores its vital role. Represented by General Manager Jay Santiago, PPA received a Certificate of Acknowledgment of Dividend Remittances from President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and the Department of Finance, highlighting its substantial contributions. In 2023, PPA remitted P5.06 billion as cash dividends, breaking its previous record of P4.4 billion in 2022.

Future Plans and Developments

GM Santiago has announced several upcoming projects, including the construction of new passenger terminals and dedicated cruise terminals in key locations such as Siargao, Coron, Palawan, Currimao, Ilocos Norte, Salomague, Ilocos Sur, and Buruanga, Aklan. These developments aim to accommodate an increasing number of tourists and enhance local economies.

The expansion of terminals, such as the Zamboanga terminal, reflects PPA’s commitment to improving infrastructure and services. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. commended the PPA and the Department of Transportation for their efforts in delivering modern facilities that promote comfortable and efficient travel.

As PPA celebrates its golden anniversary, it continues to build on its legacy of excellence, driving economic growth and improving the quality of life for Filipinos. With ongoing projects and future plans, PPA is set to maintain its status as a top-performing government corporation, contributing significantly to the nation’s progress under the leadership of its current secretary.


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