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WOCEE and WOSAS: The Leading Tech and Security Hub in the Country

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The leading platform that brings together the two outstanding events showcasing the latest advancements and innovations in electronics and security will carry on in driving progress toward a better future. This objective will be achieved through the esteemed organization of Worldbex Services International (WSI), which will host the notable World of Consumer Electronics Expo (WOCEE) and the World of Safety and Security Expo (WOSAS)  with its newest trendsetting look this 2024.

This year’s edition of WOCEE and WOSAS will pave the way for participants and visitors to experience firsthand the transformative power of technology. The World of Consumer Electronics Expo (WOCEE) is a breathtaking display of innovation where new technological boundaries are continuously being explored. Simultaneously, the World of Safety and Security Expo (WOSAS) is dedicated to bring together experts to showcase the latest advancements in security technology and practices for safeguarding our personal, professional, and public spaces.  

The World of Safety and Security Expo (WOSAS) and the World of Consumer Electronics Expo (WOCEE) will be filled with a diverse array of exhibitors from around the world showcasing their respective expertise in innovation and technology. 

WOCEE  and WOSAS 2024 highlights the following zones: 

  • Tech Talks, a live series of seminars and conferences that bring together industry experts to share valuable insights on topics related to global innovations and technology to enhance technological knowledge. 
  • The Circuit displays innovations from different tech industries worldwide, showcasing advanced technology. 
  • The Start-up zone is a category that includes a range of newly established tech businesses, assembling the most creative and innovative ideas from all of the MSME Universe’s offerings. 
  • Business Matching is a complimentary service that helps participating companies and trade show participants find global business networks for business partnerships and investment opportunities. 
  • The Gamers’ Den is a dedicated haven for game developers and gaming enthusiasts, as this zone is designed to captivate casual players and hardcore gamers, offering an interactive experience into the world of video games. 
  • Robotics Competition is a thrilling showcase of ingenuity and engineering prowess, highlighting the latest advancements in robotics technology and encouraging innovation, problem-solving, and teamwork.
  • Secu Con will give critical insights through presentation and discussions of technological advancements in the industry worldwide.

In the pursuit of progress, this line up of activities is a testament that the World of Consumer Electronics Expo (WOCEE) and the World of Safety and Security Expo (WOSAS) stays on track to the progressive world of technology and innovations. These expos will continue to transcend and unveil the latest innovation and groundbreaking technologies around the globe for you to explore and discover exclusively in this remarkable event. 

Join us as we take a glimpse of what the future can offer in the advanced world of technology happening on August 7 – 10, 2024, at the SMX Convention Center Manila.

WOCEE and WOSAS 2024 is organized by Worldbex Services International. For inquiries and concerns, you may reach us at (02)8656-96-39, or email us at 


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