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PAL Celebrates Moms Who Fly: A Heartfelt Look at Being a Flight Attendant Mom

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Breaking the Mold: A Mom Who Takes Flight and Never Misses a Beat

Philippine Airlines’ (PAL) commitment to its employees shines through in the inspiring story of Tes, a flight attendant since 1994 and the mother of actress Gabbi Garcia. In a touching Mother’s Day video released on PAL’s social media pages, Tes and Gabbi take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reminiscing about their journey together.

Tes began her aviation career with a rigorous three-month training program. As she explored the world and assisted Filipino and international travelers, she also built a beautiful family.

In the video, Gabbi expresses her deep appreciation for her ever-present mom. “‘Cause you [Tes] wanted to be present on every single occasion, hindi nakakaka-miss ng important events si mommy. And I feel like that was very vital for me growing up kasi parang naging role model ka sa’kin, na kapag gusto mo, magagawan mo talaga siya ng paraan.”

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[“‘Cause you wanted to be present on every single occasion, you never missed any important events. And I feel like that was very vital for me growing up because you served as my role model, showing me that if there’s a will, there’s a way.”]

Tes’ commitment went beyond scheduling flexibility. Even when her flight schedule clashed with major holidays, Tes found creative ways to celebrate. For instance, she mentioned that whenever she has a flight on Christmas day, Tes and her family will instead celebrate Christmas the day before the flight and still do all their holiday traditions.

Tes with her daughters in one of her flights.

Gabbi fondly remembers witnessing her mother in action as a flight attendant, even when young. Tes, in turn, cherished the ability to spend time with her family despite her work schedule through the flexibility offered by PAL. 

Motherhood Above the Clouds: Extending Care and Guidance

Tes beautifully blends her role as a mother with her work as a Purser, the highest-ranking flight attendant. “‘Pag lumilipad ako, marami akong kasama na kalipad, na parang ka-age nyo nga, na parang anak ko na,” she explains. “Kasi they ask for advice. I guide them. So, basically, parang the same [as being a mother].” 

[“On flights, I have many crew members who feel like my own children,” she explains. “They ask for advice, and I guide them. So, basically it’s the same (as being a mother).”]

Tes and her family bonding together and enjoying the snow.

This nurturing spirit extends beyond her family. Tes finds immense satisfaction in being a flight attendant, wearing her uniform with great pride. 

“Every day, mothers should be celebrated. Lahat ng ginagawa mo is really for us,” Gabbi explains. “This Mother’s Day, I just want to tell you that I love you, and I can’t imagine life without you. All those sacrifices are definitely worth it because we are okay because of you.”

Tes and Gabbi’s story embodies the boundless power of a mother’s love, the love that grants wings, allowing individuals to soar high and achieve their dreams. Through Tes and Gabbi’s journey, the airline hopes to shed light on the lesser-known side of flight attendants – their unwavering commitment to providing safe flights while also being devoted and loving mothers who are willing to give their families the world, even the skies.

This Mother’s Day, PAL gave away gifts to three lucky followers for an unforgettable travel experience! The airline asked and they answered – heartwarming stories were shared via the @flypal Instagram Stories where PAL and Mabuhay Miles followers expressed their love for their moms by sharing where they want to travel together. Visit PAL’s social pages to learn more! #MilesForMom.


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