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Unveiling the Newest Overdoughs Cafe + Elait, the Deaf Friendly Store 

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Overdoughs + Elait, under Caravan Food Group Inc., held a 2-day Grand Opening to celebrate the launch of their 2nd cafe in Metro Manila, located in Ground Level, Circuit Lane, Ayala Malls Circuit. The cafe has a chic and modern design, fit to be a comfortable space to spend time in with goOD food.  With its aesthetic looks and cozy feeling, the sensation will surely make people relaxed and enjoy the products offered by the cafe.

The celebration on the 1st day, May 3, began with a lunch gathering hosted by the Overdoughs Cafe for the guests with food items from the menu of the cafe itself. This included a variety of pizza, rice meals, pasta, pastries, and desserts. The new items of the cafe were introduced namely, OD Chicken Rice Meals, OD Pizza in square cuts, OD Pasta, and their varieties. A special table was also set up to showcase all food and drinks items the cafe has to offer.

Product showcase included the likes of Chicken Parmigiana Rice Bowl, Spanish Style Bangus Sardines Pasta, Spinach in Bechamel Pizza, OD Beignets, OD Fat Fries, The Good Coffee, and GO!RAW Drinks.

Consecutively, the cafe was met with various content creators and esteemed instructors that specialize in education for the deaf. With their advocacy of bridging gaps, and breaking barriers with the deaf, a private session was hosted by the brand through their long-time running seminar, #TheGoODSign, with instructors from their partner school, the De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde School of Deaf and Applied Studies. Attendees were composed of content creators like Jazper Tiongson, @SaanTayoPunta team, Mom Elvie Pascual, company employees, and much more. They were taught basic sign language, including the alphabet and some phrases for communication. Through this deaf awareness seminar, participants were made aware how to communicate and interact with the Deaf. The session also highlighted the inclusion of deaf people in society proving they are just as capable of employment, and they can enjoy activities just as much.

Attendees of the #TheGoODSign seminar were invited content creators, VIPs, and employees with the instructors from De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde School of Deaf and Applied Studies.

For the 2nd day of the Grand Opening, the brand formally cut the ribbon which was led by Mr. Fred Reyes, Mr. Francis Reyes, and Mr. Joseph Reyes, the company’s Chairman, CEO, and COO respectively. 

The ribbon was cut by (left to right) Ms. Eustacia Saito, Mr. Joseph Reyes, Mr. Fred Reyes, Mr. Francis Reyes, and Dr. Kaye Reyes.

The day was also graced with a formal blessing of the cafe, on May 4, in ode to Our Lady Queen of the Apostles led by Fr. Benjie Jugueta from the Holy Cross Parish Makati. During his remarks, he openly said “ang mga mahilig magkape, masarap magmahal”. These words made a mark to everyone between the four corners of the cafe, especially to the employees as they share a common love for food and coffee and a common goal in providing good food and coffee for their customers. 

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing partners of Overdoughs Cafe + Elait Ayala Malls Circuit.

The 2-day Grand Opening was indeed remarkable for everyone who attended as they had the chance to share similar passionate goals and get to experience inclusivity in diversity. This will be the type of event the brand will be looking forward to hosting again.


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