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SM Supermalls Celebrates Modern Parenthood This Mother’s Day

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In a world where a parent’s love knows no bounds, SM Supermalls, alongside BDO Remit, Toy Kingdom, and Goldilocks, is proud to celebrate Mother’s Day by honoring all caregivers – moms, single parents, and beyond – who strive to raise kinder children.

Studies show that millennials are redefining parenthood by opting for a gentler, less traditional approach. They focus on empathy and communication,  nurturing a strong emotional bond with their children. However, while methods between generations may differ, the values of love, patience, and guidance remain constant. Whether it’s the new method of gentle parenting or traditional parenting, the goal remains the same – to instill kindness and compassion in the next generation.

This May, SM Supermalls is celebrating all caregivers who strive to raise kinder children.

SM Supermalls sees all this and more in their malls and stores. As a partner to families and parents, they provide fun-filled experiences that create lasting memories. From play areas to entertainment options, SM offers a nurturing environment where families can bond and grow together.

To know more about SM Supermalls’ celebration of Mom’s Month, visit or follow @SMSupermalls on social media.


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