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A luxurious family getaway in Batangas

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Finding a vacation spot nowadays is becoming more tedious than before. It’s not because of a lack of destinations but the opposite. One quick search on the Internet for “getaway locations in the Philippines” will produce numerous results as possible options. Families also have to consider whether the areas are kid-friendly–among other factors.

During the summers, it’s natural for people to flock to the beach to cool off–either that or the cool, refreshing Baguio breeze. More often than not, Batangas and Laguna are top choices among eager vacationers looking to escape the heat and hectic city. Yet besides the well-loved beaches or resorts or Nasugbu or Pansol, Lian, Batangas is developing to become a getaway destination for beach lovers.

It’s also in Lian, two to three hours away from Metro Manila, depending on the traffic, where we visited TANA Beach Villas. This beach resort values the guest experience and promises luxury throughout their stay.

TANA began its operations in October 2023 and has since welcomed guests from all walks of life. Upon entering the premises, we could already feel the serenity in the area despite the warm summer sun. The resort only has nine villas, priced at P20,000 to P23,000 a night, which can only accommodate two adults and two children or three adults.

According to TANA Operations Manager Allan Dollesin, the limited accommodations enable them to maintain the tranquil vibe within the resort. Even though there were occupants in eight of the nine villas, we didn’t feel crowded.

Fit for a family

My husband, child, and I enjoyed many aspects of TANA during our stay–one being a family-friendly destination. As a mother, traveling means I have to plan for my child, including her meals and activities she can engage in during our stay. Fortunately, TANA offered options for those two concerns.

The resort is just a few steps from Lian’s fine, black-sand beach, which can entertain kids who can play with the sand or swim in the water. There’s also an infinity pool overlooking the beach four to five feet deep and constantly filtered, eliminating excessive chlorine use that can damage the skin. The pool also has a strategic location that gives guests a front-row seat to the stunning Batangas sunsets.

The author’s daughter watching the sunset from the infinity pool

When it came to the food, TRESE Clubhouse, Tana’s in-resort restaurant, offers a kid’s menu with spaghetti and chicken fingers. Yet the food goes beyond keeping kids well-fed. When our daughter ordered the chicken fingers, I couldn’t resist a taste to see if she’d like it. I was surprised to see the chicken had a generous serving and was tender, crunchy, and fresh. It shows TANA’s dedication to giving guests a unique, luxurious experience.

It’s also refreshing to experience that their blended drinks aren’t overly sweet, and they serve breakfast with a cup of mixed fruits for a healthy, balanced meal.

TRESE Clubhouse serves quality meals and drinks for guests of all ages

In the meantime, we indulged in their Salmon Pesto, Orange Chicken, Beef Teppanyaki, Oriental Beef Stew, and Beef Tapa dishes.

Another thing to appreciate about TANA is their secure environment and the frequent presence of their staff, who were always all smiles as they accommodated any requests.

As the day drew to a close, we had a relaxing bonfire by the beach where our little one enjoyed roasting marshmallows and making s’mores, which TANA provided. Overall, it’s safe to say our daughter enjoyed her experience at TANA Beach Villas.

We adults also had an in-room full-body massage to complement the already relaxing vibe we got from the resort. It’s only one among the other spa services the beach resort offers.

Boosting Lian’s tourism

The villas boast a polished cement finish and spacious, open layouts complimented by soft, neutral color palette interiors that create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere from the collaboration between Tayo Architecture and RBSayno Interior Design.

Each TANA villa comes with an option of a king-sized bed or two double beds with a 40-thread count cotton bedding plus premium bathroom essentials made from natural ingredients and free from paraben, phenoxyethanol, and coloring agents.

TANA is the passion project of the Tan family, who have always loved the beach and resorts. They always dreamed of having their place by the sea, where they could escape to nature, enjoy, and share the simple and beautiful things in life.

“There are many beautiful towns in Batangas, but Lian captured our hearts and minds. As the first luxury beach villas in the area, we envision promoting local tourism through a luxurious getaway experience,” said Justin Tan, owner of TANA Beach Villas.

The villas’ design give the guests a sense of freedom while embracing a minimalist approach

Despite TANA’s mission of bringing luxury to beachgoers, it’s also mindful of its impact on the local community. Dollesin shared that they promote water activities like jet skiing, banana boat rides, and island hopping as offerings from third-party providers to ensure their livelihood.

Ultimately, TANA Beach Villas lives up to its promise of providing a luxurious experience to guests of all ages.

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