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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Master the art of risk analysis: FinScore opens Credit Risk Academy

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On May 29, FinScore will launch Credit Risk Academy. This comprehensive six-week online course is designed to help professionals working in banks and financial institutions to interpret and create better scoring models. 

The curriculum will unpack modern and efficient credit risk strategies, with a significant emphasis on the integration of alternative data sources. Our goal is to help course-takers streamline their underwriting process, augment risk identification capabilities, and equip them with the certifications necessary for professional growth. The course is divided into two primary segments.

The initial four weeks, titled “Score Smart 101: Mastering Scoring Models for Improved Credit Decisioning,” will concentrate on Traditional Scoring Methods, laying a solid foundation in conventional credit assessment techniques. The concluding two weeks are dedicated to Alternative Data Scoring, guiding participants through the integration of traditional methodologies with cutting-edge, alternative data-driven practices. This segment will cover the significance, benefits, and limitations of alternative data sources, ethical considerations, interpretation of scores derived from such data, and best practices in implementing alternative data-centric credit scoring models.

Christo Georgiev, the Chief Operating Officer of FinScore, emphasizes the strategic importance of the Credit Risk Academy. He states, “Knowledge is the mother of innovation. To interpret and create better credit scoring models, risk managers must first have a top-to-bottom understanding of the credit tools and techniques available. FinScore’s goal is to help light the path towards a more advanced and efficient credit scoring ecosystem in the Philippines – becoming at par with our foreign counterparts.”  

Financial institutions with representatives who complete the course are entitled to receive up to 1,000 free Telco Credit Score pulls from FinScore. Additionally, attendees will receive a course certification upon fulfilling the expert-led modules. This initiative is not just about refining the current methodologies of credit scoring; it is also about empowering professionals within the financial sector with the knowledge and skills required to adapt to evolving risk management landscapes, thereby fostering more efficient lending processes and contributing to their professional development.

The Credit Risk Academy is meticulously designed to transform the landscape of financial risk management, offering an unparalleled opportunity for financial institutions to revolutionize the way they assess credit scores. This cutting-edge initiative promises to usher in a new era of efficiency in risk management and loan processing, ensuring that the intricacies of financial assessments are navigated with unmatched precision. But the benefits extend far beyond mere technical advancements; this academy is a beacon of professional development, aimed at significantly upskilling the personnel within these institutions.

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