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Pangasinan’s Governor unveils visionary leadership: Harnessing ‘syzygy’ for a unified future

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In a recent address, Pangasinan Governor Ramon V. Guico III, introduced a compelling concept, likening the province’s journey to celestial alignment.

With the term “syzygy,” he drew a profound analogy between cosmic harmony and the unity found within Pangasinan’s diverse community. Reflecting on the province’s progress, he stated, “Even if the planets are different from each other, they can be aligned, just like all of us. In our diversity, we can have unity.”

During the State of the Province Address for 2024, Governor Guico strategically aligned achievements with the province’s strategic goals.

He emphasized, “Our administration’s accomplishments are coherent in their alignment to the Strategic Plan. We validate a powerful and purpose-driven alignment, one that truly reflects the essence of syzygy.”

By appropriating the concept of syzygy from realms beyond politics, Governor Guico infused his leadership with a symbolic depth. He remarked, “Creating a syzygy of excellence is a meaningful metaphor for our transforming mission to serve the people of Pangasinan.”

Collaborating closely with Capitol leaders, Governor Guico’s office meticulously crafted a clear vision and mission for Pangasinan. Speaking on the province’s trajectory, he declared, “By 2031, Pangasinan is the premier province of great opportunities, sustained socio-economic growth, and a place where one can experience life at its best.”

Drawing parallels to Jim Thorpe’s quest for Olympic glory, Governor Guico emphasized the tireless efforts of Pangasinan’s leaders towards a brighter future. “Just like Jim Thorpe brainstormed for Olympic success, we brainstorm in the Capitol, backbreaking work to produce results, and building the future today,” he stated passionately.

Guided by a shared vision and mission, Pangasinan progresses steadfastly towards its future. Governor Guico encapsulated this journey, stating, “Creating a syzygy of excellence is a meaningful metaphor for our transforming mission to serve the people of Pangasinan.”

In a short span of time, Governor Guico has achieved remarkable milestones, including the transformation of a bar and a restaurant into Pangasinan Polytechnic College. Additionally, Pangasinan now boasts a salt farm in Barangay Zaragoza, Bolinao, providing sustainable livelihood to approximately 400 salt farmers.

The governor’s ambitious goal to transform Lingayen into the Singapore and Japan of Luzon reflects his unwavering commitment to economic development and prosperity for all Pangasinenses.

With visionary leadership and strategic planning, Pangasinan is poised to realize its full potential and emerge as a beacon of progress in the region.


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