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Have a ‘tech-tastic’ summer

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Must-have gadgets for a fun time under the sun

Clear skies, longer days, and warmer temperatures are telltale signs that summer is here in the Philippines. We Filipinos know what this means – it’s time to prep for beach trips and outdoor adventures and make the most of the long, warm days.

These next few months are tailor-made for outdoor adventures and leisure activities. Whether planning island getaways, poolside lounging, or simply seeking ways to beat the heat, summer-specific gadgets can elevate your experience significantly. From portable speakers for beach parties to waterproof cameras for capturing underwater memories, a tech companion is waiting to enhance your sunny season and stay comfortable despite the heat.

For everyday use

If there’s one category people look for during the summer, it’s the ability to bring the heat down by a few degrees. Using these gadgets daily can keep you comfortable amid the sweltering heat and humidity.

Portable fans jump to the top of the must-have list during the summer. These gadgets are conveniently sized to bring around–whether you’re navigating your way around the metro or enjoying a relaxing day under the sun. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, with some having additional features like misters to keep people fresh and cool. But if you’re looking for a better way to maximize its potential, look for units with multiple speed settings and a long battery life for uninterrupted comfort.

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Another equally convenient and refreshing gadget to have for the summer is a neck air-conditioner or neck fan. Unlike portable fans, which often go inside bags, the neck fans can go around your neck, as the name implies, and begin cooling you down with the push of a button. It uses fans and cool mist to create a refreshing zone around the face and neck. Neck fans are ideal for crowded places or outdoor activities because they’re lightweight and promote hands-free use.

Keeping the party going

Many Filipinos consider summer the ideal time to party and create new memories. When visiting beaches or hosting events, you’d ensure that the entertainment and comfort go off without a hitch.

Water coolers are often a staple during these outings, but for a more sustained cooling process, a portable mini fridge keeps drinks and snacks chilled no matter where you go. Mini fridges are ideal for road trips, picnics, or even keeping cool beverages at hand by the pool. Choose from thermoelectric coolers that plug into your car’s DC outlet or USB-powered options for on-the-go convenience. The splurge is worth it with the convenience it brings.

Next on the summer gadget list are portable speakers. Create the perfect soundtrack to your summer adventures with a portable speaker. Bluetooth connectivity enables you to stream music wirelessly from your smartphone, creating a festive atmosphere at the beach, poolside, or during outdoor gatherings. Look for options with water-resistant features for worry-free enjoyment.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to keep memories–whether on land or in the water–then waterproof cameras are something you need to own. Sure, most phones are waterproof, but they only have a specific depth requirement that doesn’t let you go deeper in the water and capture mesmerizing views. Capture all the moments of your summer adventures with a waterproof camera. These cameras can withstand splashes, spills, and even underwater exploration. Whether snorkeling in coral reefs or documenting poolside fun, a waterproof camera ensures you never miss a shot.

Speaking of keeping the party going, portable power banks can be handy in providing the necessary energy to keep your gadgets charged and ready to go. Choose a high-capacity option that can charge your phone, camera, or other devices multiple times throughout the day.

Fuelling the adventure

Besides being the ideal time to relax and unwind, the clear skies and warm weather call thrill seekers to seize the day and indulge in adventure. And they don’t want to miss an opportunity to capture exciting moments and relive them when they can.

For capturing heart-stopping action shots, consider an action camera. These rugged cameras are built for extreme conditions and can capture stunning footage of your adventures, whether surfing waves, kayaking down rivers, or exploring waterfalls.

If you’re in a place with breathtaking views and a camera isn’t enough to capture it in photos, consider getting a drone. A drone can capture aerial views of the stunning Philippine landscapes, beaches, and landmarks. Be sure to research local regulations regarding drone usage before taking flight.

Meanwhile, if your summer plans include exploring caves, camping under the stars, or enjoying nighttime beach walks, a headlamp is a handy gadget. It provides hands-free illumination, leaving you free to navigate or explore with ease.

Beating the heat at home

Not everyone has the opportunity to go out and enjoy the summer. Nonetheless, they’re not exempted from experiencing the summer heat.

Fans and air-conditioners are always top considerations in your homes, but innovation provides more choices for more opportunities. One example is an ice maker. This handy gadget can make ice cubes in a few minutes, compared to the hours it usually takes to freeze water inside a refrigerator.

However, if you’re more concerned about creating a safe space in your home, an air purifier can be a valuable addition, especially in urban areas. It can help remove dust, pollen, and other allergens from the air for a more comfortable and healthy environment.

Lastly, the summer can also be a time prone to power fluctuations or outages. Luckily, smart home gadgets can help you create a more comfortable and energy-efficient summer haven. One gadget to add to your must-have is smart power strips. These power strips come with individual outlets that can be controlled remotely. Connect your appliances, like electric fans to them and turn them on or off as needed. It eliminates the need to constantly walk around unplugging things and saves energy by ensuring fans aren’t running unnecessarily.

With the right gadgets in your arsenal, you can ensure a fun and memorable summer marked by convenience and safety. Have fun under the sun!

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