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From lawyer to lawmaker: Rep. Lordan Suan’s journey

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Cagayan de Oro, or CDO, is a vibrant city nestled along the northern coast of Mindanao island in the Philippines. Nicknamed “City of Golden Friendship,” it boasts of a stunning natural backdrop with the majestic mountains on one side and the sparkling Macajalar Bay on the other.

Beyond its scenic beauty, CDO is a bustling hub of commerce and industry, serving as the regional center for Northern Mindanao. From its lively public markets and charming colonial-era architecture to its white-water rafting adventures and diverse culinary scene, CDO offers a captivating blend of urban energy and natural wonders, making it a unique and unforgettable destination.

One local figure has embodied this spirit recently, rising from the city council chambers to the national stage: CDO’s First District Representative Lordan Suan.

He poised himself to be the person his constituents could run to and lean on as they navigated toward the path to progress. The lawmaker also keeps a strong connection between himself and his constituents, often listening to their concerns to better understand how to serve them. And when challenges arise, Rep. Suan is ready to face them head-on and address the root cause to create long-term solutions.

Rep. Suan graduated with a degree in Juris Doctor at Xavier University in Ateneo de Cagayan. He established himself as a lawyer who championed the welfare of individuals and communities. Moreover, his legal background instilled in him a deep understanding of justice and the intricacies of governance, paving the way for his foray into politics.

Jumping into politics

Rep. Suan took his first step into the public sphere in 2016, running for and winning a seat in Cagayan de Oro’s City Council. He quickly made a name for himself as a passionate advocate for education, infrastructure development, and social welfare programs. His focus on youth empowerment and scholarship initiatives earned him widespread recognition, particularly among the city’s young demographic.

His evident passion for public service eventually secured him a seat in the 19th Congress of the House of Representatives.

Since assuming office, Suan has hit the ground running. He has actively participated in pivotal legislative discussions on disaster preparedness, food security, and environmental protection. His advocacy for improved educational opportunities and healthcare access has resonated with constituents, solidifying his image as a leader who understands and addresses their needs. He also became Vice Chairman of the Committee on Social Services and the Committee on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise, adding to Rep. Suan’s various accomplishments while in position.

One awe-inspiring trait from the representative is his dedication to his job and focus on what matters. He branded himself as the “working congressman” as an apt description of his work ethic.

As an avid reader, Rep. Suan reads for self-improvement and draws inspiration from several political icons to constantly challenge himself to be a better public leader.


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