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President Marcos Jr. and Speaker Romualdez’s transport reforms commended by Grab PH

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Manila, Philippines—Grab Philippines extends its heartfelt gratitude to President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. and Speaker Martin Romualdez for their decisive action to prioritize the legalization of Motorcycle Taxis (MC Taxis) and reform the Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) regulations. This significant step is not only a stride towards creating more jobs but also a leap in improving the transport conditions for millions of commuters.

Grab Philippines Country Head Grace Vera Cruz shares, “Thank you, President Marcos and Speaker Romualdez, for heeding the call to prioritize MC Taxi Legalization and reforming TNVS Regulations. Your leadership in this pivotal moment will create numerous job opportunities and markedly improve the commuting experience across the nation.”

“We are humbled and honored to be recognized as a true partner of the Philippine government and our kababayans in achieving this milestone. Our commitment to being the champion for commuters and drivers remains steadfast, as we continue to match our words with tangible actions. Our approach is, and always will be, to work collaboratively with the government and community stakeholders to achieve the best outcomes for the Filipino people,” adds Vera Cruz.

Impressive Strides in Job Creation and Digitalization

During the meeting between Grab Holdings, Inc. executives with PBBM, Grab proudly shared its significant contribution to the nation’s economy, having eased unemployment by 1.1% from 2019 to 2021. In 2023 alone, Grab’s on-demand rides and delivery business has been instrumental in creating over 100,000 new livelihood opportunities, showcasing the company’s role in fueling economic growth and stability.

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Moreover, Grab’s efforts have digitalized more than 15,000 MSMEs in 2023, empowering small and medium enterprises to thrive in the digital economy. This initiative not only supports business growth but also enhances access to goods and services for Filipino consumers.

Grab Philippines’ Bid to the MC Taxi Pilot

Grab was notified of its inclusion in the motorcycle taxi pilot study last December 20, 2023, with the same letter informing the leading superapp that it has met basic and operational requirements to qualify as an additional participant.

Regarding the ongoing stories surrounding the Grab Philippines’ MC Taxi bid to the MC Taxi Pilot and the onboarding of drivers, Grab Philippines Chief Operating Officer Ronald Roda laments, “These stories are fake and malicious and it is unfortunate that there are individuals whose goal is to aggressively mislead and malign Grab instead of advocating for the long-awaited legalization of the MC Taxi sector. Our continuous collaboration with our regulators and government stakeholders, is part of our commitment to transparency and collective problem-solving. We are dedicated to working closely with the MC Taxi TWG and other stakeholders to ensure that our services meet the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and compliance.”

MC Taxi TWG Chairperson Teofilo Guadiz recently clarified to Grab Philippines its current position on its MC Taxi application, and gave confirmation that Grab is just awaiting final regulatory approval. The MC Taxi TWG has not issued Grab Philippines any stop order.

In a letter issued by the MC Taxi TWG to Grab last 20 December 2023, Grab Philippines was qualified for inclusion in the pilot study for MC Taxi in the Philippines and has undergone site inspection on January 8, 2024 as required by the MC Taxi TWG. Based on the existing guidelines of the MC Taxi TWG, there are no explicit prohibitions with regards to the recruitment of drivers in preparation for a potential service launch.

“Our confidence stems not from preferential backing but from our steadfast commitment to compliance, safety, and the public good, which we believe aligns with the government’s goals for sustainable and inclusive transportation solutions,” Roda clarifies.

Grab Philippines believes that its track record of innovation, coupled with its commitment to social progress, strategically positions itself as a strong candidate for any regulatory approval.

“The MC Taxi sector has so much potential for creating jobs and improving transportation, which can be fully realized with the legalization of this sector. And Grab is fully committed to playing an active role in making this happen for our kababayans,” Roda concludes.

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