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Mapúa University leads way in AI-Integrated education in Philippines

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With how rapidly Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing how people live, work, and interact with technology, is there room for AI to positively impact the field of education? To equip students with the tools and global perspectives needed to navigate today’s working world, Mapúa University aims to set the standard for AI-integrated education in the country.

In an event held recently at the Mapúa University Makati campus, Dr. Dodjie Maestrecampo, president of Mapúa, discussed the future of AI within Mapúa institutions. He shared how the university is already offering courses to Mapúa faculty and staff to enable them to seamlessly integrate AI into their curricula.

Modules such as Basic Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT: An Introduction demystify the world of large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT and empower learners to effectively harness their capabilities. On the other hand, courses such as AI Foundations: Scripting ChatGPT with Python enable learners to use the general-purpose programming language of Python scripting to create human-like text generation models. These courses make it possible for learners to develop the foundations needed to create intelligent algorithms, machine learning models, and to automate intricate tasks.

Following a groundbreaking collaboration with Arizona State University (ASU) – the #1 most innovative university in the United States for the ninth consecutive year by U.S. News & World Report 2016-2024, the introduction of these courses and modules falls under the university’s mission to innovate and provide state-of-the-art solutions to community and industry issues. More AI-related courses and modules will soon be made available for Mapúa University students.

Alongside the development of tech-driven degree programs such as Financial Technology and Business Intelligence and Analytics, these efforts help ensure the future-readiness of the next generation of Filipino professionals who will begin their careers in a working landscape characterized by increasing automation and data utilization.

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Both Cintana Education President Dr. Rick Shangraw and Mapúa University President Dr. Dodjie Maestrecampo answered questions from the media about the impact of artificial intelligence in higher education.

“We are nearing a future where the use of AI will be rampant. As early as now, we must empower future generations of professionals to use these tools responsibly in ways that support and complement human intelligence and capabilities. These efforts are in step with our mission to form future-ready, tech-oriented learners and to set the standard for AI-integrated education in the country,” said Dr. Dodjie Maestrecampo, president of Malayan Colleges Laguna and Mindanao, Mapúa Schools.

More and more, educators are seeing the possibilities for the further integration of AI in higher education. At the event, Rick Shangraw, Ph.D., president of Cintana Education and former senior vice president for research and innovation at ASU, highlighted how AI tools will be an enduring part of the innovation landscape for the foreseeable future. In recognition of the potential of AI to support human intelligence and amplify potential, Shangraw also shared how ASU recently became the first higher education institution to collaborate with OpenAI – the AI research and development company behind ChatGPT.

The collaboration between ASU and OpenAI brings the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT to higher education, setting a new precedent for how universities enhance learning, creativity, and student outcomes. The groundbreaking partnership between ASU and OpenAI was designed to enhance student success, to streamline organizational processes, and to forge new avenues for research.

“We stand in an exciting time for innovation, and we look forward to exploring and expanding the impact of AI in higher education with Mapúa University,” said Shangraw.

Beyond discussing how AI can be further integrated into higher education, the event also discussed the implications of AI in today’s professional landscape. With AI, data science, and machine learning sweeping through various industries, the fields of business and health sciences are undergoing digital transformations – requiring future professionals to be adept in the usage of these tools to unlock more opportunities for personal and professional development.

By seeing opportunities for AI in education and making world-class top-ranked education more accessible, Mapúa University further builds on a rich legacy of Mapúan academic excellence. With the collaboration between Mapúa University and ASU now in its third year, Mapúa University innovates in the present to help create a future where Filipino learners can take on the world together.

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