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Hedcor utilizes drones to oversee renewable energy assets

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Cayanga-Bugallon Solar Power’s operations and maintenance team excels with drone precision, boosting maintenance efficiency.

Aboitiz Power Corporation (AboitizPower) subsidiary Hedcor surveys its portfolio of solar and hydropower power plants from a bird’s-eye view with the help of specialized drones, enabling the renewable energy firm to do its maintenance and rehabilitation activities more efficiently.

Using drones makes inspections quicker, saving Hedcor a lot of resources since it initially takes significant time and effort for a person to check on the company’s assets given the sheer size and scope of its facilities.

Having adopted this technology, Hedcor’s San Carlos Sun Power Inc. (SacaSun) in Negros Occidental and Cayanga-Bugallon Solar Power in Pangasinan are able to constantly and accurately check the quality of their solar panels. Outfitted with high-resolution cameras and other onboard sensing equipment, maintenance requirements are diagnosed faster, resulting in less downtime and more reliability in clean power generation.

Such use of technology and data supplements the Aboitiz Group’s transformative wave of becoming the Philippines’ first Techglomerate and AboitizPower’s drive to upgrade its services via digitalization.

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Alfred Balaga, SacaSun Solar Grid Manager, emphasized that this dynamic strategy has not only optimized the utilization of existing resources but has also established Hedcor as a leader in the renewable energy industry.

“Through the effective use of technology in trying to sustain its operations, Hedcor is setting new standards for the future of clean energy generation, showcasing the significance of innovation and environmental responsibility in a rapidly evolving world,” he said.

Meanwhile, drones also played a pivotal role during Hedcor’s rehabilitation project of the conveyance line of the 6.4 megawatt Ferdinand L. Singit Hydro or FLS Hydro in Bakun, Benguet. This infrastructure — with a length of about three kilometers — is a critical component for water transport in its hydroelectric power generation.

Engineers were able to conduct precise and streamlined assessments of the conveyance line’s condition, helping facilitate the design of targeted solutions to minimize downtime and optimize efficiency. Ultimately, the outcome was a swift and cost-effective rehabilitation.

Simultaneously, Hedcor’s hydro facility in Bukidnon also utilized drones for proactive inspections. This initiative provided a comprehensive view of the plant’s infrastructure and identified areas for improvement.

This approach empowered the team to take preemptive measures, preventing costly breakdowns and ensuring the plant’s capability to generate electricity. The data collected through drone inspections served as the foundation for a thorough evaluation and design process leading to focused maintenance activities and improvements in the infrastructure.

Hedcor optimizes hydro operations and maintenance through advanced drone technology.

At Hedcor, engineers have incorporated drone technology as an indispensable tool in their pursuit of operational excellence. As it commences and continues with its digitalization drive along with AboitizPower, Hedcor is in a better position to help advance its progress, as well as the businesses and communities it serves.

Moreover, the operations and maintenance teams are able to live out the core behaviors of a member of the Aboitiz Techglomerate as they harness the capabilities of drone technology to enable smarter, simpler, and faster work. Needless to say, they are also having fun in the process.

“Hedcor’s journey as part of the Aboitiz Techglomerate combines human skill with advanced technology, creating pioneering, sustainable energy solutions. Fueled by our pursuit of innovation, we’re helping shape a green, bright future that will endure for generations,” said Hedcor president and chief operations officer Rolando G. Pacquiao.

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