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The Human Touch in a Digital World: How OnTheSpot Inc.’s Flagship Product, Tap To Connect, Is Reshaping Networking

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By Julia Dominique Yancha and Alexander Cardenas

In the expansive realm of business and networking, connections serve as the lifeblood that gives vitality to ideas and ambitions. As the world hurtles into the digital age, even our interactions are undergoing a profound transformation. Picture your digital presence transcending the mere exchange of information—it’s a conversation, an experience, and a journey. This is the essence of TapToConnect (TTC), the flagship product of OnTheSpot Inc., a trailblazer in the sphere of digital business cards, aiming to revolutionize the art of connecting.

In an age where our smartphones have become an extension of our identities, the potential of digitizing our professional identities is not just exciting but necessary. OnTheSpot Inc. is at the forefront of this movement, offering a seamless and sustainable solution for modern networking needs.

Utilizing NFC and QR code technology, the TTC digital cards are the first of its kind in the Philippines and in Asia. With an untapped setting, OnTheSpot Inc. brings in a product and service to customers that is difficult to replicate.  

The Birth of TapToConnect: A Story of a Practical Vision and Technology

(From left to right Matthew Llovido, Cevic Jimeno, James Jester Chan)

The tale begins with a vision—a vision to redefine the way we connect and share our professional lives. It’s a story fueled by the relentless pursuit of three individuals—Jester, Cevic, and Matthew—united by a common dream to create something extraordinary. The birth of TTC was not just about a product; it was about challenging conventions and infusing technology with a human touch.

And in challenging conventions, OnTheSpot Inc. decided to start with innovating on one of the more essential parts of networking, the business cards. In creating a business card that your smartphone would only have to tap, the process becomes much more convenient with saving information on your phone than having to hold on to a piece of paper. In removing the need to print multiple cards, the TTC business card would also be financially and environmentally beneficial for removing this process altogether. Especially with each card lasting years, getting a TTC Card is a smart investment.

Starting as a thought on a commute home, advancing into an idea among friends, and evolving into its own prototype, the humble beginning of OnTheSpot Inc.’s TapToConnect shows the idea to be a practical one. In its humble beginnings was a prototype card that has only improved based on what the company knows is needed, and on reviewing and researching what sells to customers. With its start of promotion in 2019, OnTheSpot Inc. has continued to innovate and advance its product to what can be seen today. 

One such development is the focus on QR technology, with the Pandemic affecting all businesses in 2020 OnTheSpot Inc. created their product to be pandemic-proof as well since it does not only have to be a physical “tap” service. With online meetings being the dominant form of talking to people during this time, the QR code accompanying the business card provides an opportunity to give business cards to people through digital means.

It started with a simple question: how can we make networking more personal, sustainable, and efficient? TTC was the answer—an answer that reflects their passion for innovation and understanding of the evolving needs of modern professionals.

More than just a Card.

At the core of OnTheSpot Inc. is a transformative product—the TapToConnect digital business card. All your professional details are encapsulated in a digital profile, easily shareable with just a tap. But it does not stop there. TTC is not just about contact information; it is a dynamic platform where users can personalize their profiles, showcase their journey, and provide real-time updates. It is a tool that encapsulates your story and presents it to the world in a tap.

In bringing in innovative technologies that other countries may have started to the Philippines, the technology in the country moves forward. This advancement brings the country technologically on par with other countries, while still bringing in its unique services to customers.

The magic of TapToConnect lies in its diversity, from reducing environmental waste associated with traditional business cards to providing an interactive, memorable networking experience. TTC, with its innovation and design, sets a new standard in this digital era.

The start of something Big

Bringing an innovative concept to life is a challenging feat. Challenges, dedication, and relentless effort marked the journey from a mere idea to a groundbreaking product. The team poured their hearts and souls into this venture, conducting extensive research and collaborating seamlessly to perfect their brainchild.

The team’s business was starting to flourish, with more and more companies and institutions reaching out to them for their products and services.

After all the hard work the TTC Team poured into their business, they finally reached their first big break after the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) availed their services, with over 2,700 to 3,000 BPI employees using their cards.

Now, TTC has grown to have over 20,000 people using their cards.

But the challenge of any great product is those who try to imitate it, raising competition within the market. Despite this, the TapToConnect remains confident in the quality of their product and that the rise of competition is expected when a product is good.

Through the development phase, the team encountered hurdles and celebrated victories, with each experience shaping the product into what it is today. The creation of TTC is a testament to perseverance, a labor of love that now stands tall in the tech industry.

The Future of Networking: OnTheSpot Inc.’s Atom 

(Tap To Connect’s new ATOM sticker attached to a phone.)

The future holds endless possibilities for OnTheSpot Inc. and the realm of networking. As technology continues its relentless march forward, TTC envisions bringing innovative technology from other places to the Philippines and creating Filipino-made technology that will amaze the world.

TapToConnect released a product targeted for smaller-scale businesses called “Atom,” a sticker that you can use to identify anything important to you. The company launched Atom on October 23. 

While TTC is continuously evolving, adapting to the ever-changing needs of a dynamic market, they always keep humanity at the heart of its vision. They understand that, in the end, it’s about people connecting with people, and technology is merely a facilitator. The essence of TTC lies in making these connections meaningful, authentic, and human.

A Human Touch in a Digital Landscape

TapToConnect is more than just a digital business card; it’s a testament to the power of innovation in transforming age-old practices. The journey of OnTheSpot Inc. is a remarkable story of three visionaries who dared to challenge the status quo and create a groundbreaking solution. As technology continues its relentless march forward, they stand as a beacon of progress, promising a future where networking is a tap away. Embrace the future—embrace TapToConnect, where the human touch meets the digital world.


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