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Robinsons online mall: Malldash gives you the entire mall to shop in

Of all the conveniences afforded at this point in modern life, one of the most amazing is being able to do many things at a single click of a button. Imagine doing all your errands in one go, without ever leaving your home. Impossible? Not at all.

That’s how online shopping have changed our lives.

But there are apps that simply go to the grocery store for you, and there are apps that give you the entire mall to shop in. That wider convenience option is called

What is Malldash? is Robinsons Online Mall and quick Pabili service that lets you combine multiple orders not just from the supermarket, but also from stores and restaurants in the mall, in one go, and in as fast as one hour. Imagine getting someone to do your groceries, get prescription meds at the drugstore, and pick up a milk tea, without ever having to use more than one app.

Stores and restaurant selection

From which stores, you say? Well that depends on the mall you’re ordering from. Right now, MallDash is available for pick-up and delivery to shoppers within 8 KM from Robinsons Manila, Robinsons Las Pinas, Robinsons Ilocos, Robinsons Antipolo, and 10 KM from Robinsons Magnolia. Some of the popular MIX of store orders on are from Robinsons Supermarket, Southstar Drugstore, National Book Store, Jollibee, and mini gadget stores. is different because it saves you both time AND money because you pay for only one virtual cart, with only one delivery fee. For now, it’s all cash on delivery, so we do not encounter issues with refunds or erroneous credit card billings. But in the coming months, more payment options will be offered and we assure our customers that with, you get all you want at the same time, and you pay only for what you got,” shares Kevin Dayleg, General Manager of MallDash.

Pabili service

And there’s no more hopping from the mall to the freestanding store, and no more guessing if they have an item in stock or not. If an item or a store is unavailable on the app’s menu selection, simply make a “Pabili” order and provide a detailed description of the item you are looking for. You can even upload a handwritten list or screenshot from a notes app, or type-in each items on the blank order slots. It’s that convenient!

Personal shopper

At the other end of the app is the Dasher, the dependable personal shopper that makes this customized shopping experience possible. The Dasher can make sure there is no wrong order and can even stay in touch with you so you get exactly what you want.

Pick-up & delivery options

And for those who are truly in a rush, there’s the pickup option. You can also schedule the delivery on the next hour or up to three days, to get your items fresh and just in time for that special event.

You can even shop outside of mall hours by ordering in advance of up to three days and then choose an available delivery time slot on the checkout page.

How much does Malldash cost?

There’s no membership required, and no minimum spend for multi-store shopping services, and everything is delivered at the same time!

If you want to try out, now’s the time for it. The introductory ALL-IN-1 fee (convenience and delivery) is only Php50 per transaction. Try it now at the Robinsons Magnolia, Robinsons Manila, Robinsons Las Pinas, Robinsons Ilocos, and Robinsons Antipolo.

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