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UPHD sets off ‘Road to Gold’ to celebrate 50th anniversary

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As it approaches its momentous 50th anniversary next year, the University of Perpetual Help System Dalta (UPHSD) is gearing up for a year-long celebration, aptly named the ‘Road To Gold,’ promising an array of activities and initiatives.

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Marjorie Gutierrez-Tangog, and UPHSD VP for Sports Development, Anton Tamayo, unveiled the exciting plans alongside sports coordinator Frank Gusi and women’s volleyball team captain, Rizal Paula Aldea.

Dr. Gutierrez-Tangog outlined the university’s vision for the milestone. “We are celebrating our 49th year, leading to our 50th year in what we call our ‘Road To Gold’ in 2025.” She highlighted the increased involvement of alumni, notably basketball standout Scottie Thompson, now part of the men’s basketball team coaching staff.

Additionally, Dr. Gutierrez-Tangog revealed plans to inaugurate the school’s athletes’ quarters, a 12-story building to house all athletes together, scheduled for a June or July launch.

Central to the university’s anniversary celebration is the pursuit of excellence in all sporting events, particularly in men’s basketball, now under the guidance of new coach Olsen Racela, a nine-time PBA champion. Gusi shared Chairman Dr./BGen. Antonio Tamayo’s aspiration for UPHSD to secure its first NCAA championship, a dream that has eluded the school despite past finals appearances.

While basketball holds a prominent place in UPHSD’s sporting ambitions, the university boasts a winning culture across various disciplines, including chess, beach volleyball, table tennis, and volleyball. Notably, both the men’s and boys’ volleyball teams are reigning NCAA champions, instilling a sense of inspiration and determination among all athletes.

Captain Aldea emphasized the team’s motivation, stating, “We removed the pressure to win the championship. Instead, we focus on being inspired, especially seeing our men’s team succeed.”

Dr. Gutierrez-Tangog stressed the importance of character-building in preparing for the university’s golden year, emphasizing, “Character building is nation-building. That is the spirit of our university.”

As UPHSD embarks on its journey towards half a century of excellence, the commitment to fostering competence, confidence, and a winning tradition remains at the forefront, promising a memorable and impactful celebration of 50 years of academic and sporting achievements.


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