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TSA swimmers excel in Super Series Aquathlon

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The Swim Academy (TSA) Philippines came through at the Super Series-Super Aquathlon event last July 31 at the Ayala Vermosa Sports Hub.

The aquathlon is the first of the three-part series, with Super Duathlon and Super Triathlon in line next.

Sixteen participants from TSA joined in—six for Super Aquathlon (350-meter and 3-kilometer run) and 10 for All Stars (700-meter swim and 6-kilometer run). TSA placed in top spots with six podium finishers in their respective age groups.

Moi Yamoyam, founder/coach of The Swim Academy (TSA)

The Super Series aims to inspire people to begin their multisport journey by offering progressively designed series of pocket events.

“We are grateful to have participated in this event and hopefully, this would be the first of many for this year and we are looking forward to that,” Coach Moi Yamoyam of The Swim Academy said.

Start with swim

Yamoyam, who is also the co-founder for Endurance Lab PH, said that of the three disciplines in multisport, swimming is the most difficult to learn without the coach.

“Swim helps more on the run than run helps more on the swim. I strongly recommend swimming not just for running but to all other sports,” he said.

He also added that there’s a difference between competitive swimming and multisport.

“They are particularly the same but the difference is the mileage you need to complete on a weekly basis and the strokes that you need to learn,” Yamoyam said.

Gail Madrilejos wins her age category

As a coach, he follows the total immersion approach. His students would have to do the they would follow and they could start with that.

“Any exercise you do, you start by understanding the mechanics how it is done, you isolate a certain movement then put it all together then that’s going to be the whole movement itself,” he said.

For those who are interested to enrol in Yamoyam’s class, you can message him at the Swim Academy PH’s Facebook page (, Endurance Lab PH’s Facebook page (, or e-mail at


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