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ENERGYA Fitness & Athletics opens pilot branch in Manila

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ENERGYA (Energy In Action) on Friday (May 24) launched its pilot branch in Manila. As a premier provider of fitness and related services, ENERGYA offers a cutting-edge fitness center tailored to meet the diverse needs of each member.

Equipped with state-of-the-art machines and equipment, the center ensures that all members have access to the best possible workouts at the most affordable prices.

The foundation of ENERGYA is built on four pillars: General Fitness & Sports Performance, Rehabilitation, Fitness for Special Needs, and Fitness for Kids. These pillars cater to all ages, genders, and fitness levels.

The center is the brainchild of Benigno “Ninoy” Marayag, a former jumper and member of the National Team.

Marayag, a fitness coach for both able-bodied individuals and those with special needs, has turned his lifelong dream into reality with the support of his business partners, led by Vicente “Vic” Sy. Together, they share a unified vision and mission.

The objectives of ENERGYA’s founders are to provide opportunities for the surrounding communities and employees of sister companies to advance or maintain their fitness and wellness.

They aim to offer a variety of fitness programs that promote healthy lifestyle changes. Members will receive personalized care through fitness testing evaluations, health screenings, exercise programming, and personal training instructions.

ENERGYA is dedicated to delivering quality service while establishing a reputation as a superior training facility in the area and industry. The center features an environment enhanced by state-of-the-art interactive screens in both the fitness and cardiovascular areas.

The facility includes mirrored interior walls in the free weights and stretching areas, a large turf grass space, and a wide selection of plate-loaded free weights, cardiovascular, and functional equipment, suitable for both serious athletes and those seeking general fitness.

Additionally, ENERGYA boasts a café nook that serves coffee, water, and various healthy concoctions and smoothies.

Experience Energy In Action at ENERGYA, where every session is designed to invigorate and inspire.


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