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Empowering Communities: Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor,  Gift of Hope at Molino Elementary School

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In a heartwarming collaboration between the Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor and their international partners from the Rotary Club of Jeonju Keelin and Jeonju-Mujigae in Korea, Molino Elementary School was recently blessed with a precious gift – a brand new water station.

Spearheaded by the indefatigable President Jacqueline Jose, this initiative is poised to transform the lives of 3,061 students and 95 teachers, providing them with access to clean and safe drinking water.

The significance of this endeavor extends far beyond its practical implications.

It symbolizes a beacon of hope for the community, emphasizing the power of collective action and goodwill. 

For the Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor, most of whom are sportsmen and golfers, are known for their unwavering dedication to assisting those in need, this water station represents more than just a project; it embodies their ethos of service and compassion.

As an all-women club, the members of Hiyas ng Bacoor stand as shining examples of empowerment and solidarity, demonstrating that gender is no barrier to making a positive impact. 

Their commitment to this annual project speaks volumes about their enduring resolve to uplift and empower communities, one initiative at a time.

In a world often beset by challenges, this heartening endeavor serves as a reminder that hope springs eternal, fueled by the generosity and kindness of organizations like the Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor and their esteemed partners. 

Together, they have not only provided access to clean water but also instilled a sense of optimism and possibility in the hearts of all those they serve.


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