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Kim Sung-soo’s blockbuster drama ‘12.12: The Day’ hits PH screens

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Korea’s highest-grossing film of 2023, 12.12: The Day, finally arrives in Philippine cinemas, offering a thrilling true story of power struggles, loyalty, and betrayal.

The film opens on a chaotic day in South Korea, following the assassination of President Park Chung Hee in 1979. As martial law descends, the nation grapples with political turmoil and the fight for its very soul.

Unlike previous television series, the film explores an untold story about the nine-hour battle on Dec. 12, 1979

Enter Defense Security Commander Chun Doo-gwan (Hwang Jung-min), who seizes the opportunity to stage a coup and grasp control. Opposing him is the steadfast Commander Lee Tae-shin (Jung Woo-sung), determined to uphold the military’s duty to protect, not rule.

The tension escalates as both sides strive for influence, with the fate of Seoul hanging in the balance. The film culminates in a heart-pounding nine-hour battle on Dec. 12, a turning point in contemporary Korean history.

‘12.12: The Day’ is now available in cinemas nationwide

While previous television series have explored aspects of this fateful day, 12.12: The Day breaks new ground by presenting a captivating, untold story.

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Director Kim Sung-soo, personally impacted by the events as a teenager, meticulously recreates the rebel forces’ fight during those critical hours.

Driven by a desire to understand how such significant change could unfold so rapidly, Kim delivers a potent historical action drama.

Director Kim Sung-soo’s ‘12.12: The Day’ draws inspiration from his experiences during his youth

The film also boasts a stellar cast including renowned actors like Lee Seung-min, Park Hae-joon, and Kim Sung-kyun.

12.12: The Day is a powerful historical drama that promises to transport audiences to an important moment in Korean history. With its exceptional cast, gripping story, and glimpse into the past, this film is not to be missed.

12.12: The Day is now available in cinemas nationwide.

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