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Claudine makes TV comeback as adoptive mother in ‘MMK’

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Young actor Jameson Blake will fight to live to pursue his passion for dancing as he plays the PBB Star Dreamer and ABS-CBN Star Hunt dance artist RJ Cunanan, whose life is challenged when he suffers from a rare neurological disorder. 

Claudine makes TV comeback as adoptive mother in ‘MMK’
Claudine Barretto and Jameson Blake

RJ (Jameson Blake) grows up in Brunei with his doting aunt and adoptive mother, Vivian, played by Claudine Baretto in her latest TV comeback. With Vivian’s full support, he pursues dancing and hones his craft when the two come home to the Philippines. 

Seeing how dedicated RJ is, Vivian pushes him to reach his goals. But while he begins to dream of being a professional dancer and well-known Dancesport competitor, RJ gets diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS), a rare neurological disorder which causes progressive paralysis, starting from the feet and progressing up throughout the rest of the affected person’s body.

RJ battles with the disease for almost a year and the two almost give up on their dreams. But Vivian sees RJ fighting in spite of his physical limitations. Eight months later, RJ recovers from GBS and makes it to numerous local and international Dancesport competitions, which leads to a bittersweet reunion with his biological parents, Maya and Robert. 

Soon, the two try to take RJ back from Vivian because of his newfound glory. But RJ chooses to stay with Vivian, the only person he has considered to be his real family.  

 Also in this episode are JJ Quilantang, Ces Quesada, John Bermundo, Art Guma, Regine Tolentino, Kathleen Hermosa, and CJ Jaravata. It is under the direction of Raz dela Torre and written by Mary Rose Colindres.

Watch MMK tonight on ABS-CBN.


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