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SB19, P-pop groups perform together viral hit ‘Gento’

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Fans were treated to a celebration of Pinoy pop on Sunday, March 31, as some of the biggest names in the P-pop scene were gathered to perform in one production number. 

On the Easter episode of All Out Sunday, P-pop Fest Summerversary, the spotlight was put on the P-pop genre with rising and established groups performing some of their hits. Among the groups were VXON, PLUUS, YGIG, AJAA, YARA, CALISTA, CLOUD7, and DIONE. 

During P-pop Kings SB19’s time, the group delivered a show-stopping performance of their mega-hit “Gento”. 

On a very rare occasion, all P-pop groups danced to the beat of SB19’s viral single with the group leading them in front.

“S’yempre sobrang saya na makasama namin ‘yung ibang P-pop groups, talagang super overwhelming and parang reunion ‘to para sa mga P-pop groups,” said SB19’ s Justin.

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When asked what advice they could give to aspiring P-pop groups who wanted to become successful just like them, Ken shared, “Of course, hindi po magiging madali ‘yung grow, ‘yung journey pero as long as they stage in a win sa sarili nila and sa mga humahanga sa kanila, you’ll be successful one day. That’s for sure.”

On the other hand, P-pop groups then took to their X accounts to express their joy in performing together with fellow P-pop artists.

“It was a thrilling and special experience for us to have a solid stage performance with such great artists on the same stage! Thank you so much for having us,” tweeted PLUUS.

“HANIES, Thank you so much for tuning in and for all of your cheers! Hope you had an all-out super duper exciting Sunday! Thank you, @AllOutSundays7 for having us!” wrote AJAA.

“P-POP RISE? Yes it is! It’s always been an honor to guest at @AllOutSundays7,” CALISTA captioned.

“Thank you so much @alloutsundays7 for having us in an all-out PPOP stage!” posted VXON.

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