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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Twice as ready

Filipino fans of the global KPop sensation TWICE, known as ONCEs, are eagerly anticipating one of the year’s most significant music events: the TWICE 5th World Tour “Ready to Be” concert, set to captivate audiences at the Philippine Arena on September 30 and October 1.

Smart Communications, in partnership with Viu, is thrilled to present this sensational event to Manila, marking it as the latest addition to this year’s impressive Smart Live lineup.

Want to learn more about TWICE? Whether you’re a certified ONCE, new to the fandom, or just love KPop in general, here are some facts that you should know about the group:

The nine members of TWICE were selected through a competition show

Korean girl group TWICE is heading to Manila this month for their ‘Ready To Be’ concert

TWICE officially debuted in 2015 with the release of their first EP, The Story Begins. The group’s composition was decided just a few months earlier through a competition survival show called Sixteen.

Originally, the group’s founder JYP Entertainment wanted only seven members for the group, and those selected from the show were Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung. However, JYPE founder J.Y. Park decided to add two more members–Tzuyu, who was the most popular contestant on Sixteen, and Momo, who was added by Park for her performance abilities.

Not all TWICE members are South Korean by origin.

Here’s a closer look at TWICE’s nine members:

• Nayeon (Im Na-yeon) – Often considered the “center” of the group, Nayeon is known for her powerful vocals and cheerful personality. She was born on September 22, 1995 in Seoul, Korea.

• Jeongyeon (Yoo Jeong-yeon) – Jeongyeon is praised for her unique and soothing vocal tone. She often adds depth and emotion to the group’s songs. She was born on November 1, 1996 in Gyeonggi, South Korea

• Momo (Hirai Momo) – Momo is renowned for her exceptional dancing skills and energetic stage presence. She was born in Kyotanabe, Japan on November 9, 1996.

• Sana (Minatozaki Sana) – Sana is known for her adorable charm and signature phrase “Shy, Shy, Shy”. She is also from Japan, and was born in Osaka on December 29, 1996.

• Jihyo (Park Ji-hyo) – The group’s leader and one of the main vocalists, Jihyo is recognized for her powerful and emotive singing. She was born in Gyeonggi, South Korea on February 1, 1997.

• Mina (Myoui Mina) – Also from Japan, Mina is known for her graceful and elegant presence. Her birth date is March 24, 1997.

• Dahyun (Kim Da-hyun) – Dahyun is notable for her playful personality and skillful rap verses. She was born on May 28,1998 in Gyeonggi, South Korea.

• Chaeyoung (Son Chae-young) – Chaeyoung stands out as the group’s main rapper and is also known for her artistic abilities, including songwriting. Her birthday is April 23, 1999 and she was born in Seoul, South Korea.

The nine-member group is known for their hit songs such as ‘What is Love?’ and ‘TT’

• Tzuyu (Chou Tzuyu) – The youngest member of TWICE, Tzuyu is known for her stunning visuals and captivating stage presence. She was born on June 14, 1999 in Tainan, Taiwan.

Meanwhile, here are a few reminders while attending the concert – etiquettes to ensure a fun experience for everyone:

• Don’t throw anything onto the concert stage.

• Be considerate and respectful of other fans.

• Avoid pushing and shoving.

• Don’t stand on the chairs to avoid accidents and blocking the view of fans behind.

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