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How #RP612fic continues to be internet’s favorite way of celebrating Philippine Independence Day

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Right as the clock strikes twelve on June 12, chronically online Filipinos make the most of the non-working holiday to look up the trendiest memes of the past year and incorporate aspects of the country’s rich history, sharing them under one hashtag, #RP612fic.

First organized by Filipino writer Paolo Chikiamco in 2009, this hashtag, which stands for “Republic of the Philippines, June 12 (Independence Day) fiction,” annually lands on the trending page as many share memes commemorating the revered holiday. 

While some memes end up being reused from previous years, funny clips and photos that have trended in recent months also make their way to internet users’ timelines and are reshared throughout the day. 

As comical as the memes could get, a good note that comes with this yearly commemoration is how historical figures who have played integral roles in the country’s fight for independence as well as historic events that are important to our identity as Filipinos continue to be remembered by the general public. 

With the hashtag trending every year, #RP612fic comes to showcase not only the humor of Filipinos but also our deep appreciation for those who have fought for the independence we enjoy today. 


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