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‘A Soldier’s Heart’: First Arabic-dubbed Pinoy series to stream in Middle East

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ABS-CBN’s hit action-drama series A Soldier’s Heart becomes the first Arabic-dubbed Filipino drama to stream on rising video-on-demand platforms in the Middle East after the company forged an agreement with Rabee Alhajabed Art Production & Distribution FZE.

The hit action-drama is available on streaming platforms Maraya, Shofha, and Weyyak, covering Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other Arabic-speaking territories.

A Soldier’s Heart follows the powerful story of Alex (Gerald Anderson), an IT expert who joins the army and crosses paths with a Muslim family whose identity makes him reconsider where his future might lie. Proving to be a stirring drama, its story made a lasting impact on the hearts of viewers, while also emphasizing the challenges and sacrifices military people face as they fulfill their oaths to their nation.

Similarly, a staple of Philippine popular culture, the action-fantasy drama Darna, which starred Jane de Leon, will soon be available with its own Arabic-dubbed version. This Arabic-dubbing initiative of ABS-CBN comes after the series of scripted format sales of A Mother’s Guilt, Mea Culpa, The Good Son, and Forevermore in the region, further solidifying ABS-CBN’s strength in creating deeply moving stories that cross borders.

Selling over 50,000 hours of content to over 50 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Latin America, ABS-CBN has transitioned from a Philippine broadcasting company to a global content producer that champions Filipino talent by showcasing world-class Filipino shows to diverse audiences across multiple platforms.


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