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Let them sparkle

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Staying in show business for a long time is every actor’s goal. Ask anyone in the industry and they would tell you that their mission as actors is to share their talent with their audiences and leave a legacy that can inspire a new generation of artists.

Clearly, longevity is what everyone aims for. But how can stars make sure to keep their sparkle for a long time?

“Talent and good looks are not enough,” Johnny Manahan, otherwise known as Mr. M., told Manila Standard Entertainment in an interview.

“Apart from having a good character, one must be dedicated in his craft. And young artists should learn from these stars because they’ve shown, through their hard work, where your dedication can take you if you really take your profession as an artist to heart,” Mr. M added alluding to the batch of stars introduced under the newly branded Sparkle.

With  Sparkle, formerly known as GMA Artist Center, the network aims to light a fun and exciting spark in the entertainment industry all while evolving to fit the ever-changing new media and digital landscape.

Spearheaded by Mr. M together with Gigi Santiago-Lara, Senior Assistant Vice President for Alternative Productions,  Sparkle  introduces its brightest stars:

Sanya Lopez 

Sanya Lopez

Sensual, beautiful, talented, and down to earth. That’s what people think when Sanya’s name is mentioned. Her versatility is shown in the various roles she has played onscreen, including the phenomenal hit First Yaya.

In 2022, she is all set to star in more teleseryes like Agimat ng Agila and First Lady. Her musical and dancing talents are quite phenomenal as well making her one of the top TikTok stars and a regular host on All-Out Sundays. She even has her very own single titled “Hot Maria Clara.”

A reliable brand ambassador, Sanya is a trusted endorser to several brands that include cosmetics, appliances, and other beauty products.

Bianca Umali 

Bianca Umali

She is ready to set 2022 on fire. Bianca is a versatile actress who dances, sings, and looks great in anything she wears. She is also a great host and an interesting content producer where she shows off how smart and “woke” she is in real life. 

Bianca’s challenging roles in Legal Wives and Sahaya plus her international series on HBO’s Halfworlds are sure signs that this young star is really sparkling.

This year, catch her in Mano Po 2 and enjoy her performances on All-Out Sundays. 

Gabbi Garcia 

Gabbi Garcia 

More than just our favorite It Girl, Gabbi is on top of her game, capturing hearts with her stellar moments on-screen through singing and dancing, hosting with so much ease, and au naturel acting. 

Gabbi’s commanding presence on social media can be felt by her loyal followers from IG to YouTube as her gift of gab, wit, and intelligence make her a favorite of brands that matter.

Currently headlining All-Out Sundays, she is set to make a primetime soap early this year with twin soul Khalil Ramos. 

An international movie to be shot in the US is also in the works. Indeed, things are looking big and shiny for Gabbi.

Ysabel Ortega 

Ysabel Ortega 

GMA’s new sweetheart is Ysabel Ortega. Her sparkling eyes, a sincere smile, and sweet personality have made Ysabel an easy favorite. 

Even with such assets, Ysabel stays humble and always looks back to her roots in her provincial family home.  She will soon be seen in a new primetime series titled What We Could Be and will be one of the leads in the much-awaited Voltes V: Legacy as Jamie Robinson. 

Ysabel is also a hit online with her social media pages and her own YouTube channel. Apart from that, she is also a sought-after endorser.

Miguel Tanfelix 

Miguel Tanfelix 

Heartthrob is the best word to describe this young star. Every girl would feel a romantic excitement when they get to see and meet Miguel. His look and captivating smile could easily win the hearts of many.

Miguel is a multi-awarded actor who has graced the screen in many memorable projects. Being a great dancer and performer has made Miguel a TikTok superstar, but this young man has a keen business sense too. He invests in the right portfolios and has started businesses at such a young age. He is also an endorser of international brands.

You will get to see more of him on GMA’s Sunday noontime show All-Out Sundays and in the upcoming primetime series What We Could Be. His biggest project to date would be Voltes V: Legacy where he plays the lead character of Steve Armstrong.

Khalil Ramos 

Khalil Ramos 

His soulful eyes and killer smile say it all for this young and talented man who can sing his way to every girl’s heart and act just about any role with so much grit and honesty.   

Armed with multiple talents up his sleeve, Khalil is currently making all our fan hearts swoon in Love on Air.  This photographer and promising director is also a sought-after creator on the net.

This year, we will see him paired with twin soul Gabbi in the primetime soap, Love You Stranger. Plus, he is gearing up to release a musical album that’s sure to set sparkles of light and love to everyone.

Ruru Madrid 

Ruru Madrid

Good looks, a killer bod, and an irresistible charm make Ruru the ultimate leading man in GMA. Ruru has partnered with beautiful leading ladies and has become the top choice for male lead roles. He is also a businessman and is into creating his own content empire starting with his recently launched YouTube channel.

Ruru endorses big brands and will be starring in the political-fantasy drama, Lolong, one of GMA’s biggest Primetime shows in 2022.  You can also catch him perform and host every week on All-Out Sundays.

Derrick Monasterio 

This Kapuso hunk has killer eyes that will melt even the toughest hearts. Derrick Monasterio is Sparkle’s man’s man. He is fit, athletic, and handsome. His sense of humor as well as his dramatic prowess have made him a favorite in shows like Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko and Regal Studio Presents.

Catch Derrick’s maiden soap this year as this young hunk will show you what he’s got. Oh, and he sings and paints, too. What more can you ask for? Derrick is all set to make your hearts flutter this 2022 and he will do just that with a wink.


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