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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Accidental meetings

We accidentally met Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber, PBB’s most popular love team in a famous restaurant somewhere in Quezon City last week.

We were about to have a late lunch then when Neeyong, my son, recognized them and instantly chatted with them.

“You have a very smart kid Kuya. I remember my neighbors whom I baby sit back in Germany,” said the very good-looking teen-ager Edward when he approached our table.

“Ay talagang tinanong po namin siya kung sino ang kasama niya at dinala nga po niya kami dito. Kayo po pala ang daddy nitong very talkative na nag-i-interview sa amin kanina. Kakyut na bata,” reacted Maymay.

We had a very lively chat about their plans in showbiz and on the projects they are promised to have by the PBB management and the animation made by Neeyong on them, especially on their love team.

“Love, love lang kayo ha,” said my six-year-old son.

We just told them, however, to focus on their work and make each other an inspiration and not to be too serious about their feelings for each other. Maymay is 19, while Edward is only 16. Beautiful things can and will still come their way.

That brief encounter we had with MayWard because of Neeyong’s kakulitan obliged us to pose with them in a photo and when we posted them in our social media accounts, voila!, we were surprised to have been flooded by thousands of likes, shares and positive comments.

My followers both on my Twitter and Instagram accounts even increased! So here’s thanking the #MayWard supporters and fans for once again letting us feel how great it is to be a “teener.” Lols.


Now that is has been made official by Star Cinema, Angel Locsin’s Darna role is being talked about again by the netizens.

After Angel and Star Cinema management mutually agreed of the former backing out as the Pinay super hero due to heath reasons, various surveys as to whom would best replace the sexy actress has started and several names and reasons have come up.

Topping the list is Liza Soberano who according to fans possesses all the qualities Darna has. Beautiful, sexy, and is loved by many especially by the children. “And she is so popular today. She has made her mark as a box-office sensation,” chorused her supporters.

Nadine Lustre is also a top contender like Liza. Her edge according to her supporters is her being so comfy in displaying her sexiness to public.

Maja Salvador’s best actress title is a “must-plus” according to her drumbeaters, which is an important factor to being a Darna. She also has everything- beauty, sexiness and natural charisma to men and young people.

Yassi Pressman is a surprise entrant in the surveys but her defenders say that its’ her natural beauty and appeal to children that make her perfect for the role. Besides, her role in the top-rating Ang Probinsyano seems “a good preparation to her being an action lady err..super woman,” added her supporters.

For the longest time, Jessy Mendiola is a strong contender but her detractors are questioning her ability to carry a solo movie. “She has it too, but does she have the appeal? The box-office power?,” asked these netizens.

Although Sarah Geronimo has already said that the role is not for her at all as she is not comfortable to wearing sexy costumes, her Popsters think otherwise.

“Can’t you see her in ASAP every time she gyrates and displays coolness and sexiness? Wow na Wow. From among them all, she is the certified box office sensation,” reacted her fans.

But to a many beauty pageants’ enthusiasts and fans, Pia Wurtzbach is their best choice. “Let her save the universe,” shouted her fans as Pia herself gamely said “yes” when asked if she wants to play Darna?

“It’s also my dream to play the Pinoy version of Wonder Woman, Darna,” Pia gushed in her social media post.

Wheewww…and the list can still get a long way. Star Cinema is certainly assured of a box-office hit in this project that is indeed becoming a “must-see” among the fans and supporters.

All they need to do is to choose the rightest one and that is a tough job for now!


We are among those who feel happy when nanay Lolit Solis and papa Piolo Pascual finally met after a while at the press con of Northern Lights: A Journey to Love.

Although it has been years since papa P forgave nanay Lolit after he and Sam Milby withdrew their lawsuit against the veteran writer-TV host, it was only last Monday when they saw each other.

No drama, no hysteria, tension or whatever. It was just a simple meeting where they both hugged and kissed each other with respect.

It was a very good sight to behold and we had nothing but high respect for both.

Indeed, Mother Lily Monteverde and daughter Roselle were right when they said that papa Piolo’s homecoming movie with Regal Entertainment is indeed a blessing.

Regal Films co-produced Northern Lights; A Journey To Love with papa P’s production outfit with Star Cinema as distributor.

Papa Piolo co-stars with Yen Santos and child star Raikko Matteo under the direction of Dondon Santos. It is going to be shown on March 29 to theaters nationwide.

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