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SB19 gets American singer MAX to try Filipino snacks

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American singer MAX recently got a taste of Filipino culture when he was given a selection of local snacks by P-pop Kings SB19.

In a video posted by MAX, he was seen trying out some of the beloved Filipino snacks like salted nuts, peanut milk chocolate, sweet jelly on a mini cup, flavored chips, and a milk-flavored candy, together with SB19 members.

“When the candy’s so good you start dancing. Thank you [SB19] for sharing your snacks with me,” wrote MAX on his TikTok.

As the singer tasted each treat, the members also shared that some of the snacks were they’re personal favorites.

The “Lights Down Low” singer also picked his top favorites among the Filipino snacks.

“My favorites, I’m gonna say, [peanut milk chocolate] was delicious. [Green peas], I liked a lot, honestly. [Sweet jelly] was pretty special, I like that, tasty. [Flavored chips were] nice, too. I like this,” said MAX as he also chose a local candy brand that was similar to his name.

MAX then expressed his gratitude towards the five-member group for letting him try some of the Pinoy “pika-pika”.

“Thank you, guys, for showing me these delicious snacks. SB19, slay!” ended MAX.

MAX returned to Manila last April 5 until April 7 for a series of mall tours to promote his latest album, “LOVE IN STEREO”, which was released last February.


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