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Star Magic issues warning against online attacks towards P-pop groups BINI, BGYO

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Star Magic Philippines on Tuesday vowed to take legal action against malicious online attacks hurled towards P-Pop groups BINI and BGYO.

In a statement released by Star Magic on Tuesday, April 23, the management called out the online attacks violative of the country’s cyberbullying and anti-libel laws.

“BGYO, BINI and its respective members have been the subject of malicious online attacks designed to seriously hurt and damage their reputation. These continuous reckless posting and sharing of harmful, negative, and false accusations are violative of cyberbullying and anti-libel laws,” the statement read.

Star Magic then encouraged everyone to be responsible when it comes to posting and hurtful content to maintain a safe space for online community.

“With the prevalence of social media and digital platforms where content shared become permanent for public’s consumption, we ask the netizens to be responsible in posting and spreading hurtful content. It is everyone’s duty to create a safe online environment, rather than be the first to commit criminal acts,” it continued.

It also added that recently, facing those bashing and baseless rumors had been a “painful experience” for the BGYO and BINI yet finally had the courage to fight against online bullies.

“BGYO and BINI’s management will take legal action against these emboldened bashers who circulate unfounded rumors,” the post stated.

“Appropriate government agencies and private service providers have been tapped to gather evidence and hold these perpetrators accountable for their unlawful behavior,” it added.

Star Magic’s statement came after the #FREEBINI and #DISBANDBGYO trend in X (formerly Twitter), following BINI members’ attendance at BGYO member Gelo’s birthday celebration.


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