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Spotlight on Anji Salvacion

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Rising star Anji Salvacion turned heads at the recent Star Magic Spotlight event, showcasing a transformed image that exuded confidence and a radiant aura. Gone were any traces of the previous year’s struggles as the 21-year-old actress and singer appeared noticeably fitter and more self-assured.

Following warm greetings to her supporters, she talked about her latest single and the now-viral performance in ASAP Natin ‘To that demanded extensive preparation. 

“I never anticipated the positive response,” she admitted to Manila Standard Entertainment. “I invested a lot of time in preparation, especially cardio exercises because the choreography involved a lot of movement.”

The dedication paid off, with social media buzzing about Anji’s performance and even drawing comparisons to international stars. “I’ve never received compliments like that before,” she shared, a hint of shyness mixed with genuine flattery.

Anji continues to prove that she is a versatile star with her prowess in both acting and singing

Her new EP, aptly titled Grit, reflects “a coming-of-age journey filled with love, betrayal, self-acceptance, and ultimately, self-love,” she said.

The EP’s lead track, “You Didn’t,” holds a special place in Anji’s heart and exemplifies the album’s central theme. She delved deeper into the inspiration behind Grit, revealing it stemmed not only from her artistic journey but also from her experience as the eldest daughter of a single mother. 

“We weren’t wealthy,” she confided. “So looking back, I truly understand the importance of grit.”

Opening up about a challenging year, she shared, “Don’t let negativity cloud your judgment. Last year was a difficult one for me; I battled sickness for three months.” However, her experience has become a source of strength and inspiration. 

Anji’s latest single is met with a positive response from her supporters

“This EP allows me to connect with others,” she explained. “If I could overcome those obstacles, so can you. Let’s not let limitations define us. We have the potential to achieve anything we set our minds to.”

Self-acceptance remains a core value for Anji.  “When you stop internalizing negativity, it loses its power,” she emphasized. “Focus on positivity; that’s what truly matters.”

Beyond her musical success, Anji continues to showcase her versatility as a performer. In 2023, she landed her first theater role, portraying Corrine in PETA’s critically acclaimed musical adaptation of Tabing Ilog: The Musical.  Her acting talents also shone in the hit thriller series Linlang, where she shared the screen with Paulo Avelino and Kim Chiu. 

Looking forward, Anji expressed a desire to collaborate with actor Enrique Gil, citing her admiration for his work since Princess and I.


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